Trying times reinforce the need to make the right choice for the right reasons

We can’t think of one person who’s not re-evaluating what they’re spending and where they’re spending it. Many of us are considering delaying purchases and expenditures in many areas of our daily lives. These are stressful, trying times in which many of us are facing issues we’ve not yet dealt with in our lifetime.

Although there are ways to cut back on spending to ease our everyday stresses, we should be paying special attention to our health and overall well-being in order to combat the stress of these financial times. Keeping ourselves happy and healthy will help us weather the weeks and months ahead.

For those considering LASIK laser vision correction to improve your eyesight and overall well-being, there is one very right choice, right here in Princeton, for all the right reasons. By choosing the most advanced technology guided by the area’s most respected, highly trained ophthalmologists you are assured the best possible results — and the best value for your money.

Wills Laser Vision at Princeton, together with the doctors of The Princeton Eye Group, is the area’s only center to offer Intralase 100 percent blade-free LASIK with the Allegretto Perfect Pulse laser. This combination allows for laser vision correction results that exceed 20/20 in many cases.

IntraLase 100 percent blade-free technology is clinically proven to be safer and most accurate. With the addition of an ultra-sensitive tracking system and the Allegretto laser and you get 40 times greater frequency of the pulses of light for superior accuracy and unmatched precision. Wills Laser Vision at Princeton is the only center in this area with these advanced abilities for LASIK.

You don’t have to delay your dream of ridding yourself of glasses and contacts. At Wills Laser Vision at Princeton they understand that you’ve been waiting a long time to be ready for LASIK, and now that you are you don’t want to wait any longer. Special payment plans and financing options are readily available through their office.

Superior technology, the area’s most experienced group of doctors, and proven results makes your decision to have LASIK at Wills Laser Vision at Princeton the right choice, for all the right reasons.

Wills Laser Vision at Princeton & The Princeton Eye Group are located at the Princeton Healthcare Center, 419 North Harrison Street, Princeton. Patients can visit or call 609-924-9200 for additional information or to schedule a cost-free consultation.

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