Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Preview of the Arts

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Public Art Meets Public Health in New State Building

New state buildings in Trenton are now the home to new state-funded public art.

Gallery Going: Isaac Broome’s ‘The Baseball Vase’

This week — as a way of celebrating the continuation of baseball in Trenton — the focus is on “The Baseball Vase” at the New Jersey State Museum.

Off the Presses: ‘The 13th Child’

"The 13th Child” by Nick Korolev is the last in a series of books on the Jersey Devil that appeared over the last year.

Off the Presses: The LiLLiPiES Cookbook

It was spring, 2020, when Jen Carson, an award-winning baker and founder of LiLLiPiES Bakery in the Princeton Shopping Center, launched her new cookbook featuring more than 100 recipes for artisan breads and sweets.

Area Handbell Composer Ringing Sue’s Blues

Handbell music composer Susan Nelson is a rock star in Estonia.

Survival Guide

Fast Lane

Princeton eBikes Peddling a Whirr of Difference

Princeton eBikes is making a difference at a time of high demand for bikes and high need for charity.

On the Move: Trenton Cycling, Ridder’s Woodwork, and More

Trenton Cycling Revolution gains nonprofit status; Ridder's Custom Woodwork moves to Hamilton; new hires at the Princeton Chamber and NJAAW, and more.

On the Move

New CMO at Antares Pharma, Princeton Insurance buildings sold, and Princeton Hydro on the move to Roebling facility.

Historic Train Bridge Steams Up Trouble

The Farnsworth Avenue Stone Arch Carriage Bridge and Tunnel was slated to be replaced based on a plan proposed by the New Jersey Department of Transportation, but Bordentown residents and historians are arguing that the site should be preserved.


Notes on LiLLiPiES and Princeton Nursery School

LiLLiPiES offers an outdoor concert series; Princeton Nursery School gives thanks; Summer Fiction continues year-round.

To the Editor: Notes on the Arts

An exhibit in Dohm Alley is worth a visit, the Old Barracks is re-opening, and more.

To the Editor: 2021 Reflections on Earth Day

What a perfect time of year this is to celebrate the beauty and the importance of our life-sustaining Earth, writes Linda Mead of the D&R Greenway.

Special Messages from Blue Bears & Mercer County

Blue Bears plans for its second anniversary; Mercer County plans for primary voting June 8.