“My son, who is on the Autism Spectrum, is communicating more confidently then he has in his 21 years of life.” This is just one of many quotes and testimonials on how the new SKIT Program is transforming the lives of people with ASD, Down Syndrome, Social Anxiety, ADHD, Depression, and Developmental Delays. Statistics show that over 70 percent of people with disabilities are not involved in the workplace. And many people who have transitioned out of High School at age 21 have very limited access to meaningful programs that could enhance their lives. SKIT is here to change that!

Entering its second year, SKIT, Special Kind of Improvisational Theater, has already transformed the lives of many people. Based on proven techniques SKIT programs are designed to help individuals develop strong communication and social skills. This is accomplished in a fun, energized, safe atmosphere where there is no judgement, only encouragement. Since coming to the Princeton-Pennington area SKIT enrollment has increased more than 40 percent in the past year. People have an opportunity to learn to communicate effectively while making new friends, building new relationships and quite simply, having a great time!

SKIT believes that everyone has something to offer. The focus is on strengths, ability, not a “disability.” This philosophy has allowed many people discover these abilities and grow more confident as a result not only in their daily lives but in the workplace as well. Another parent told SKIT that her daughter has grown tremendously more confident in herself and that her life has changed dramatically as a result. Others have said that SKIT is a program that they have been seeking out for many years. Special education teachers, psychologists, and psychiatrists have marveled at the results the SKIT Program has brought to their students, clients, and patients.

SKIT is headquartered in Pennington. Programs are also available to school districts, Parks and Recreation departments, and for specialized seminars.

SKIT is an extension of the JW Actors Studio, LLC. Workshops and classes are available for the whole family. JW Actors Studio has been training people of all ages in the crafts of acting, improvisation, public speaking, on-camera acting, team building, and more for 12 years in the Princeton area. Currently located in Pennington, the studio was founded by Jody Wood, a professional actor in New York City and Hollywood for more than 30 years. There are numerous success stories of students entering the theater and film industries, along with several students who have gone on to excel in some of the most competitive and prestigious acting programs and universities throughout the world.

JW Actors Studio. www.skitprograms.com. www.jwactorstudio.com. 609-240-7080.

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