Hearing aids are not what they used to be — glorified amplifiers that squealed, whistled, and often made hearing worse, just when the wearer needed them most. Today micro-digital technology rules the industry, with new improvements being introduced every day. Leading the technology charge is Hearing Aids by Zounds, with its newest location recently opened in the Village Shopper III in Montgomery.

Hearing Aids by Zounds is an American company founded by Sam Thomasson, an electrical engineer with a background in the cell phone industry. In trying to create a better hearing aid for his daughter, Sam made a better hearing aid for all of us with hearing loss. Today more than 30 percent of people over age 65 have some type of hearing loss, and 14 percent of those between the ages of 45 and 64 have hearing loss.

Rechargeability is a key differentiator for Zounds hearing aids. No more buying batteries, breaking battery doors, or fumbling with battery replacement. Zounds hearing aids have their own charging station, where they sit while the wearer sleeps. Six hours of charge will give the wearer 20 hours of functionality. Rechargeable batteries are replaced, about once per year, by Zounds for free for the life of the hearing aid.

Unlike many other brands, Zounds hearing aids cover the full frequency spectrum, up to 8000 Hertz. As a result Zounds hearing aids provide rich, high fidelity sound for better speech intelligibility, including the difficult-to-hear higher frequency speech sounds such as “t,” “ch,” and “s.” Zounds wearers report that it’s like having a studio-quality graphic equalizer in each ear.

Zounds hearing aids have intuitive noise cancellation, which improves hearing in demanding listening situations, such as restaurants and parties. Zounds uses multiple directional microphones to constantly scan the wearer’s environment and focus on the dominant sound in front of the wearer. These microphones create a “Cone of Listening” that maximizes sounds the wearer wants to hear and minimizes background noise.

Zounds hearing aids also have dynamic feedback cancellation to end those annoying squeals and whistles; shock sound suppression to protect the wearer from loud, unexpected noises; a high-performance wind detector with digital filtering to reduce the impact of wind shear; and built in sensors that monitor the environment and adjust hearing aid functions to fit changing noise levels.

In spite of our many breakthrough technologies, Zounds engineers continue to do cutting-edge research to improve the hearing aid experience for those with hearing loss.

Come in today for a free hearing exam and hear the Zounds Difference. Call 609-285-5170 or stop by and visit us at Village Shopper III, 1378 Route 206 in Montgomery. For more information visit us on the web at www.zoundshearingnj.com.

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