Do you have an opinion, or an objection, or a correction to offer about one of the subjects raised in our editorial coverage this week? We hope so, and we especially hope that you will not be shy about who you are or why you hold your position.

But we also realize that circumstances sometimes prevent such high visibility comments. This week we have just such a circumstance. The subject is the proposed Asian-themed “pocket park” on a small tract of land in West Windsor, just off Princeton-Hightstown Road, which has been criticized by one West Windsor Council member who would prefer an “all-American” theme at the park.

Our editor, Richard K. Rein, wrote his column in the March 6 issue on the park issue. That column, in turn, led to the following letter, from an Asian-American business owner who did not wish her name to be used (understandably):

“Asians are Asian-Americans, and Americans are not just Caucasian American — they all sorts of combinations in between.

“My kids are descended from Nova Scotia, Ireland, Asian, Italian, England and Wales (Devon), Korea and/but most of all — they are themselves. My obstetrician straightened me out on that one when they did not look like me when I birthed them, saying they looked like themselves. I will not forget that. They have grown up looking somewhat like their father, their mother, and darker than both of us. Oops. Where did that come from — the milkman? I do not think so.”

To the Editor:

GOP Needs You

Do you believe that ever-increasing property taxes and elected officials pursuing their own agendas are negatively impacting our quality of life in Princeton? Are you tired of never-ending litigation and costly taxpayer-financed settlements? Have you concluded that one-party municipal government is unlikely to result in outcomes to the benefit of all Princeton residents?

Local Republicans offer much-needed diversity of thought and experience. Princeton voters increasingly agree. This is evidenced by the fact that Republican candidates for mayor in the past two years received 40 percent of the vote — four times the number of registered Princeton Republicans.

The June 4 primary and November general election will choose two Princeton Council members who will help govern our newly consolidated community. The Princeton Republican Committee welcomes potential candidates. You could be on the ballot as the running mate of popular Governor Christie! The primary filing deadline is Monday, April 1. We also welcome volunteers who want to help in getting out the vote and support Republican candidates.

For more information or an explanation of the election process, please contact me. E-mail

Dudley Sipprelle

Princeton Republican Committee

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