Not so long ago one of the most widely read books around our office was the telephone book. That’s because the phone book was an important fact-checking source for us as we pulled together our own annual business directory.

Not anymore. The phone book doesn’t seem to come out as often as it once did. Listings for new companies, many of which are operating with their boss’s cell phone number as the main contact, are not as inclusive as they used to be.

The online information sources are equally flawed: On more than one occasion a youthful U.S. 1 reporter has announced that a company was no longer where we had always believed it to be. It had moved to 213 Carnegie Center and Google had said so. When the dust cleared it became evident that the company was still exactly where our deliverer was taking the paper every Wednesday. Google, translating a PO box mailing address, had assigned the company’s location to that of the main post office, 213 Carnegie.

As we reported in this space last week, we are updating our annual U.S. 1 Business Directory, the definitive source for who’s who and what’s what in the central New Jersey business community. We have sent out nearly 600 letters, more than 1,800 faxes, and close to 3,400 E-mails in our efforts to confirm information.

With all this correspondence flying around the physical and electronic landscape, how can you be sure we have your company listed correctly? If you received a listing coupon and sent it back, you can be pretty sure of what will be listed. If you haven’t received a coupon, you can send us an E-mail ( and request a blank.

Or, if your company is relatively new in town, you can check to see if you are already listed in our database. Go to our home page,, and click through to the company database. You can search on the company name or the phone number. To determine what category you should be listed in you can search on that category to see what companies are already there. Or you can send us a description of your business and let us decide. It’s not always easy, and we have added a dozen new categories in the last decade in response to the changing business scene.

We may be the last directory standing. All the more reason, we think, to keep this publishing event on our annual calendar.


U.S. 1’s February 23 article on Recruiting Intelligence, a professional recruiting firm, listed an incorrect telephone number. The firm can be reached at 646-530-3592. Also, the firm has been in business for 15 years, not six years as we reported. And president Cathy Haught, whose background at her previous job was in strategic planning, attended Queens College in North Carolina (not Virginia) before earning her Ph.D. in psychology at Princeton.

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