If meeting new people is difficult and online dating sites just aren’t right for you, it may be time to give New Jersey Singles a chance.

In a world of increasingly busy lifestyles, dating sometimes takes a back burner because people simply don’t have the time to go out and find the right partners. This is where matchmakers like Jill Grossman, Director of New Jersey Singles in Lawrenceville, come in.

New Jersey Singles, a premiere matchmaking company with locations in Hackensack, Bridgewater, Colts Neck and Lawrenceville, services single clients who are looking to meet the right person for a long term relationship. New Jersey Singles has over 20 years of matchmaking experience, and they take the guesswork and anonymity out of dating by working with the clients individually to understand their personalities and goals for a relationship. “They want a formula that works,” Grossman says of her clients, “And we give them the opportunity to find someone who’s a fit, and not just settle because they have very little options in meeting compatible people.”

Working with professional matchmakers is completely different from using an online dating site, and for those who are tired of the online dating scene it is a welcome change. “The more we speak with people who inquire about our program, the more we see that they are just so discouraged with the quality of people that they are meeting, as well as the whole process of online dating.” Grossman says. “It becomes a full-time job of weeding out the game players, liars, serial daters and married people, something that our service filters out.”

So how do you get started? You can set up the one time consultation by calling the office or submitting your information online. You then come in for a one-on-one meeting with Ms. Grossman to build an in-depth profile of your personality, interests, and relationship goals. All candidates undergo a criminal background check, compatibility testing, and screening for emotional and financial stability.

Once you have been accepted into the program, you’ll receive your first match within a week to a week and a half of joining. New Jersey Singles offers a great support system, holding your hand throughout the whole experience as they personally work towards your individual relationship goals. This service is confidential, private and personal, and clients are anonymous until they are introduced to a match.

New Jersey Singles caters to single professionals and retired professionals of all sorts. “It’s not cheap like internet dating,” Ms. Grossman says, “but that way the process is a little more selective, which helps to ensure that only those who are really serious about a relationship join.”

The extra effort and selectivity pays off, New Jersey Singles has an extremely high success rate as compared to online dating because they meet and screen all of their members and are doing all of the sifting and sorting for you. Don’t leave something as important as who you spend the rest of your life with up to chance. Let New Jersey Singles help you start a meaningful, lasting relationship.

New Jersey Singles, 4 Princess Road, Suite 205A, Lawrenceville. 609-357-4607. www.newjerseysingles.com.

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