by Arlene Maybloom

I yell and scream and carry on

And tell you what to do

Like brush your teeth and comb your hair

I must admit that’s true

Wash your hands, wash your face

Clean your room all up

Eat your food, make your bed

Pick up all your stuff

It seems that I am quite a nag

By telling you what to do

But if you did it by yourself

Here’s what I’d say to you

You brushed your teeth, you combed your hair.

You really look quite good

Your hands and face are really clean

And your room looks like it should

You ate your food, picked up your stuff

And even made your bed

I have no reason to yell or scream.

I think I’ll faint instead

Arlene Maybloom was born in 1942. She has a son, a daughter, and four grandchildren, and lives in Monroe with her husband.

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