Dr. Jerry Bagel

Windsor Dermatology, which has been serving the community for over 30 years, is proud to announce the addition of the Eczema Treatment Center of Central New Jersey. Eczema, also known in the medical community as “atopic dermatitis” is a chronic, recurring, itchy rash that most commonly begins in early infancy and childhood. Fortunately, most cases resolve by age ten. However, for about 10-15% it will continue into adulthood. While it is not as common, eczema can also begin in adulthood. In most cases, there is a family history of eczema, asthma or allergies. Eczema can be very mild, some slight patches on the face or trunk; or can be more severe presenting as oozing patches, weeping, involving the arms, legs or even a larger body surface area.

The biggest symptom associated with eczema is the profound and intense itching that can lead to robust scratching, which can cause further skin infections. Excellent skin care routines remain extremely important, just as important as being gentle with your skin. So how does Windsor Dermatology treat this condition?

The first approach, if possible, is to treat the skin without having to use medication. For instance, by keeping to a routine of soothing and moisturizing the skin. This includes routines such as a luke-warm bath with oatmeal powder, pat dry the skin and liberally applying moisturizer. Should that prove ineffective by the patient there are other options: topical therapies (creams), phototherapy (ultraviolet light), systemic medication (oral medication) and biologics (injection). All of these can be found at Windsor Dermatology’s Eczema Treatment Center of Central New Jersey, including six board certified dermatologists and a Physician’s Assistant, all capable of diagnosing and treating this diagnosis.

For most patients, one of the main needs is to manage the itch that comes with this condition. Antihistamines such as Benadryl has proved effective however, it does come with sedation as a possible side effect. Another crucial point for those suffering with this condition is to identify the triggers that can come with it. They fall into five categories: irritants, physical, climate, airborne allergen and other. Irritants consist of things such as perfume, fabrics, soaps or ingredients in common things such as shampoo or cleaning products. Physical includes stress, infection, hormones, and long, hot baths or showers. Climate consists of weather induced phenomena. Airborne Allergens include pollen, mold or even cigarette smoke. Other would be anything that doesn’t fall into one of those previous categories, such as excessively oily skin or insect bites.

In an effort to better serve that need, Windsor Dermatology has opened the Eczema Treatment Center of Central New Jersey. It is a complete facility with a fully educated and dedicated staff ready to help those afflicted. If you or somebody you know is suffering, please call us at 609 443 4500 or go to our website at www.windsordermatology.com.

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