Dr. Maria Sophocles of Women’s Healthcare of Princeton is pleased to announce the addition of Renata Estes, WHNP-BC to her office. Renata Estes is a nurse practitioner who specializes in women’s health. In June, 2012, Estes graduated from Drexel University’s Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner Program, which is a graduate level nursing degree program. NP Estes worked in the maternity unit at the Princeton Medical Center for seven years before joining Women’s Healthcare of Princeton.

As a nurse practitioner, NP Estes is “fully capable to do everything from assessment and diagnosis to treatment of all gynecological problems.” The only exception is she cannot perform surgery. Dr. Sophocles and NP Estes meet regularly to review their patients and understand each of their unique needs.

Women’s Healthcare of Princeton only treats gynecological needs. When patients require obstetric care, they are referred to area doctors after confirmation of pregnancy. “A gynecological centric practice is a unique idea. We spend a lot of time with each patient without feeling rushed,” NP Estes said. This is a positive reflection of the personalized care and attention their patients receive from the practice.

Dr. Sophocles and the nurse practitioner treat women of all ages, from pediatrics to well past menopause. They specialize in adolescent gynecology and adhere strictly to American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) established guidelines.

Their goal is to build a relationship and develop trust with all patients, particularly their adolescent clients. For instance, the ACOG recommends initial gynecological visits around the age of 13, but delaying the first pelvic exam until they are 18. Initial visits are about addressing the patients’ needs in an open and uninhibited place. NP Estes said, “Our idea is to reach that population earlier and give them choices that are safe to them. A pelvic exam is not mandatory or needed during a contraceptive counseling visit.”

Women’s Healthcare of Princeton is a diverse practice, both in terms of the international background of the patients, as well as the various gynecological and sexual needs presented. Dr. Sophocles’ professional approach about understanding the physical issues women face from their teens through post-menopause is shared with the rest of her staff. “Women of any age want a physician they can trust. We spend the time with our patients so they can share intimate issues and complex problems.”

Women’s Healthcare of Princeton, 800 Bunn Drive, Suite 202, Princeton. 609-430-1900 or www.Princetongyn.com.

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