A team led by Drs. Keegan and Bagel, above, spent their afternoon helping at RISE’s furniture outlet.

Windsor Dermatology has been helping people achieve beautiful, healthy skin from more than 30 years. The exceptional doctors at its East Windsor office use leading-edge treatments for common skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, as well as acne, cosmetic procedures such as Botox, and unusual skin conditions like Hidradenitis Suppurativa and the revolutionary fat-burning procedure CoolSculpting.

But Windsor Dermatology is so much more than a doctors’ office: it’s also part of the community. That’s why the team at Windsor Dermatology recently dedicated an afternoon to helping RISE, a Hightstown-based group that strives to be the center of social support services in the Hightstown/East Windsor areas, building a cohesive environment where families thrive and feel optimistic about their future.

Dr. Nieves and his team helped at the Greater Goods Thrift Store.

The entire practice closed early on September 14 and split the staff into two groups. Drs. Bagel and Keegan, leading the first team, went to the furniture outlet store to help organize, rearrange, and clean up the show room to make it more open and receptive to the good people who come to furnish their homes.

Dr. Nieves and his team went to the Greater Goods Thrift Store, RISE’s other store in the community to assist with folding clothes, dusting, reorganizing and sprucing the shop for the upcoming shopping season.

Windsor Dermatology wants to give back to the community that has been its home for 33 years. The entire practice firmly believes in the ripple effect when it comes kindness, if a single act of kindness towards others inspires even just one other person to pay it forward, it is a success.

If you’d like to learn more about their practice, make an appointment or hear about their offered clinical trials in psoriasis and eczema, visit their website at www.windsordermatology.com or give a call to 609-443-4500.

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