WICK IT Candle Factory, located in Windsor, New Jersey, next to the David Bradley Chocolate Factory, is a retail candle store that will feature candles made from across the USA.

“Buying candles is an interactive experience. People love to smell all the different scents before making a decision. Opening a candle retail store has been a goal of mine for a long time now,” says Joe Blythe, owner of the WICK IT Candle Factory. Joe started in the candle industry developing wax formulas. Over the past 25 years he has developed and produced millions of candles for large accounts and for the past 18 has been focusing on the development and manufacturing of wicks for the industry.

Joe goes on to say, “I have always loved working with candlemakers. They are creative and down-to-earth people. This store will give us an opportunity to feature candles that our customers have perfected over the years. We will be carrying candles made in the USA, from Kalamazoo, Michigan, to Greenland, New Hampshire. Many of our customers do not get the opportunity to offer their products in this type of environment because the ‘big guys’ tend to dominate retail space.”

“Candles are hot now. They are no longer just for covering up bad smells — they are considered decorations, and many of the vessels that our candles come in can be repurposed after the candle is done burning,” says Madisyn Carter, store manager.

Shoppers can also get a peek in to the candle making process. Customers will have the opportunity to see the production area in the back of the store. You may even get a glimpse of them making the free votives that every customer receives with their purchase.

Madisyn says, “We also have plans to offer candle making parties. Here, participants will learn how to make candles in a relaxed environment. Whether it’s a girls’ night out or first date, everyone leaves with their ‘signature candle.’”

WICK IT Candle Factory also plans to donate 10 percent of sales to several local and global charities by having customers choose one of the three charities at check out at no additional cost to the customer. As of right now they are supporting Attitudes in Reverse, Autism Speaks, and Charity: Water.

WICK IT Candle Factory is slated to open on Friday, September 29. Please stop in to see all of the wonderful candles they have to offer.

WICK IT Candle Factory…Come Smell the Difference.

WICK IT Candle Factory, 92 North Main Street, Building 8, Unit C, Windsor. Contact 833-226-3535 (833-CANDLE5), info@wickitcandlefactory.com or visit www.wickitcandlefactory.com.

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