Maybe you saw the glamorous advertisement for a new magazine with an odd name, Obit, and a puzzling mailing address — architect Robert Hillier’s headquarters at 500 Alexander Park.

By writing about “lives well lived,” (yes, they do mean obituaries), Obit hopes to be, according to the brochure, the “voice of the generation of Americans who refuse to passively slip into old age, who realize that life reinvents itself every moment.”

“It is research that we are conducting on behalf of one of the firm’s important clients,” says a Hillier spokesperson.

Will this new magazine be, as it predicts, the hottest thing in periodicals since the golden years of Esquire and Playboy?

“The advertising will be extremely challenging,” suggests Lanny Jones, a former managing editor of People Magazine and a Princeton resident. “But it could have a very strong editorial franchise, because assessments of someone’s life get very high readership. You don’t see the arc of a person’s life until they die.”

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