If you want to see a visible sign of progress this year in the greater Princeton business community, you can simply get in your car and drive north on Route 1 into Plainsboro or south on I-95 into Hopewell Township. Looming over the horizon are two significant construction projects and long-term job generators — the University Medical Center of Princeton at Plainsboro and Capital Health in Hopewell.

As welcomed as these two projects are when we are assessing the economic “progress” of our business community, we would not want to stake our hopes on them. Hospitals, after all, are dedicated to returning us to health and to keeping us healthy once we are in that state. Someone has to create the wealth that will pay the bills, and some of those bill payers may well be included in the listings below.

These listings highlight many of the companies that have been covered in the last year by U.S. 1. For purposes of the progress issue we include companies that have moved into our area, expanded within the area, or started up from scratch.

No surprise: 2009 was difficult. Our reporters identified 69 companies that were new in town or had expanded. That contrasts with 142 in those categories in the previous year. In 2009 we reported on 99 companies that had either left town, downsized, or gone out of business — compared to 82 in 2008.

As always, we need to keep things in perspective. Losing 99 companies while only seeing 69 move in or expand represents a loss of about 30 companies. That’s not good news, but it’s also not a reason to book a room at one of the new hospitals: 30 is still a drop in the bucket that holds our database of more than 5,600 companies. We will keep an eye on their vital signs as we prepare for our annual U.S. 1 Business Directory.

Architecture & Building

Cover Story

Richardson Smith Architects, 40 Witherspoon Street, Princeton 08542. Terence Smith, partner. Staff size: 8. 609-924-4464; fax, 609-924-6209. Home page: www.richardsonsmith.com, commercial and residential. Reported in U.S. 1, March 11.

Contracts Awarded

RMJM, 500 Alexander Park, Princeton 08543. Sir Fraser Morrison, CEO. Staff size: 160. 609-452-8888; fax, 609-452-8332. Home page: www.rmjm.com, world’s 7th largest architectural firm with 14 offices globally. Reported in U.S. 1, June 3.

Name Change

Stasse and Company, 108 Straube Center Boulevard, Suite I-14, Pennington 08534. Jodi Ann Stasse, president. Staff size: 6. 609-730-9900; fax, 609-730-9046. www.creationshomedesignstudios.com, consultants for new construction builders. Reported in U.S. 1, August 19.

New in Town

Russell Roofing, 812 State Road, Suite 106, Princeton. Russell “Kip” Kaller, owner. 888-567-7663. Home page: www.russellroofing.com, Pennsylvania-based commercial and residential roofing. Reported in U.S. 1, June 17.

Connolly Architecture LLC, 106 West Broad Street, Hopewell 08525. Hugh Connolly. 609-375-5355. Home page: www.connollyarchitecturellc.com, residential and commercial, LEED certified. Reported in U.S. 1, October 28.

Matrix Service Industrial Contractors, 101 Interchange Plaza, Suite 303, Cranbury 08512. Matthew Petrizzo, president. 609-395-0063. Subsidiary of Matrix Service Company, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Reported in U.S. 1, May 6.

J. Robert Hillier, 190 Witherspoon Street, Princeton 08540. 609-688-9999; fax, 609-688-9990. Land use, strategies, and execution. Reported in U.S. 1, October 14.



Princeton Fulfillment Solutions, 4569 South Broad Street, Hamilton 08620. Manuel Ortiz. Staff size: 50. 609-890-6900. Home page: www.princetonfulfillment.com, custom direct mail marketing, E-commerce software, consulting and hosting, fulfillment. Reported in U.S. 1, August 26.

New in Town

BTaylor Public Affairs, LLC, 5 Vaughn Drive, Second Floor, Princeton 08540. Becky Taylor. 609-356-0089; fax, 609-356-0093. Home page: www.btaylorpublicaffairs.com, media relations, press releases, reports, brochures, speeches, op ed pieces, conferences, seminars, news inserts, and video. Reported in U.S. 1, December 2.

Inhouse Marketing Group, 32 North Main Street, Pennington 08534. Michael Briehler, president. 609-818-1111; fax, 609-883-2070. Home page: www.inhousemarketinggroup.com, graphic, logo, brand, and web design. Reported in U.S. 1, June 10.

Cellvertise, 10 Schalks Crossing Road, Suite 501-210, Plainsboro 08536. Andrew Mento, owner. 609-752-4322; fax, 609-716-9246. Home page: www.cellvertise.net, cellphone marketing for restaurants, gyms, real estate brokers, and other businesses. Reported in U.S. 1, February 11.

Dataline, 5 Vaughn Drive, Suite 307, Princeton 08540. Paul Sobel, CEO. Staff size: 5. 609-730-1642; fax, 609-730-1050. Home page: www.datalinedata.com, direct marketing information and consumer data. Reported in U.S. 1, March 25.

The Willow Group Inc., 125 Village Boulevard, Suite 304, Princeton 08540. Uwe Hohgrawe Ph.D., senior vice president, market research. 609-720-9500; fax, 609-720-9501. Home page: www.willowgroup.com, market research and communications in the healthcare industry, headquartered in Barrington, Illinois. Reported in U.S. 1, January 28.

Devon Advertising Agency LLC (DevonAd), 96 Drawbridge Drive, Monroe 08831. Fred Block, president and CEO. 609-235-9452. Home page: www.devonad.com, recruitment advertising. Reported in U.S. 1, August 12.

Computing & IT

Cover Stories

Princeton Satellite Systems, 6 Market Street, Suite 926, Plainsboro 08536. Michael Paluszek, president. Staff size: 8. 609-275-9606; fax, 609-279-9609. Home page: www.psatellite.com, software design and consulting for the aerospace and embedded controls industry. Reported in U.S. 1, August 12.

DocuSafe Records Management, 3 Applegate Drive, Robbinsville 08691. Marvin Parker, general manager. Staff size: 20. 609-259-8290; fax, 609-259-8291. Home page: www.docusafe.com, computerized business records storage and management, vault service for vital records and computer media, retention and destruction service. Reported in U.S. 1, September 30.

Kaplan EduNeering, 202 Carnegie Center, Suite 301, Princeton 08540. Lisa Clune, president. Staff size: 90. 609-627-5300; fax, 609-627-5330. Home page: www.kaplaneduneering.com, technology-based learning solutions for the pharmaceutical, healthcare, energy, and manufacturing industries, also in Houston and Bloomsburg. Reported in U.S. 1, When April 1 and November 4.


Niksun Inc., 1100 Cornwall Road, Monmouth Junction 08852. Parag Pruthi, CEO. Staff size: 150. 732-821-5000; fax, 732-821-6000. Home page: www.niksun.com, security, compliance and network performance management solutions, patented real-time analysis and recording technology for enterprises, service providers and governments. Reported in U.S. 1, April 1.

PeriGen, 700 Alexander Park, Suite 100, Princeton 08540. Donald Deieso, CEO. 212-686-1530; fax, 212-686-1532. Home page: www.ecmed.net, automated clinical management support for patient records, focusing on obstetrics. Reported in U.S. 1, July 22.

APN Consulting Inc., 475 Wall Street, Princeton 08540. Vedant Pathak, president. Staff size: 10. 609-924-3400; fax, 609-924-1671. Home page: www.apnconsultinginc.com, IT staffing solutions and consulting, with total of 45 employees. Reported in U.S. 1, August 26.

New in Town

OmniComm Systems, 1100 Cornwall Road, Suite 111, Monmouth Junction 08852. Ken Light, general manager. 732-960-2820. Home page: www.omnicomm.com, web-based data capture software for biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Reported in U.S. 1, November 25.

Phanfare Inc., 84 Nassau Street, Princeton 08542. Andrew Erlichson, CEO. Staff size: 8. 732-494-9449. Home page: www.phanfare.com, archival photo and video hosting for photographers seeking to share, manage, and archive digital photos and videos — including an iPhone application. Reported in U.S. 1, June 3.


New in Town

Lawrenceville Inn, 2691 Main Street, Lawrenceville 08648. Dennis Foy, owner. 609-219-1900; fax, 609-219-1901. Home page: www.lawrencevilleinn.com. Reported in U.S. 1, October 14.


New in Town

Envision Engineering, 1260 South River Road, Cranbury 08512. Mark Lescavage, principal. 609-395-0922. Civil engineering practice and consulting. Reported in U.S. 1, December 16.

Ampericon Inc., 1 Tamaron Court, Monmouth Junction 08852. Vivek Bhatnagar, president. Staff size: 2. 609-945-2591. www.ampericon.com, design and installation of custom energy conservation systems. Reported in U.S. 1, September 2.

Basin Water, 250 Phillips Boulevard, Suite 255, Ewing. Michael Stark, president and CEO. 877-312-8950; fax, 609-771-6678. Envirogen drinking water treatment systems; headquartered in California. Reported in U.S. 1, August 19.

Global Engineering & Materials Inc., 1 Airport Place, Suite 1, Princeton 08540. Jim Lua, senior principal scientist. 860-398-5620; fax, 609-924-3999. www.gem-consultant.com, research, consulting, and software development for military and universities. Reported in U.S. 1, October 21.


Environmental Liability Management Inc., 218 Wall Street, Research Park, Princeton 08540. Joseph R. Fallon, president. Staff size: 32. 609-683-4848; fax, 609-683-0129. Home page: www.elminc.com, environmental site investigation and remediation, plus litigation support. Reported in U.S. 1, September 16.

Financial Services

Cover Stories

Bel Air Partners LLC, 71 Tamarack Circle, Skillman 08558. Sheldon Sandler, senior managing director. Staff size: 6. 609-252-1125; fax, 609-252-1322. www.belairpartners.com, investment bankers involved in major transactions involving automobile dealers. Reported in U.S. 1, June 17.

Nova Group, 3570 Quakerbridge Road, Mercerville 08619. Neil Bhaskar, managing member. Staff size: 6. 609-588-0771; fax, 609-588-0031. www.princetonllc.com, private equity fund, NovaEquity, also Princeton Global Solutions, Paul Green School of Rock, and House of Music. Reported in U.S. 1, May 13.

Hopewell Valley Community Bank, 4 Route 31 South, Pennington 08534. James Hyman, CEO. Staff size: 20. 609-466-2900; fax, 609-730-9144. www.hvcbonline.com, $250 million in assets. Reported January 28.


Hopewell Valley Community Bank, 11 State Road, Princeton 08540. Scott Prakken, branch manager. Staff size: 6. 609-924-2032; fax, 609-924-5073. Reported in U.S. 1, September 2.

New in Town

Wells Fargo Advisors, 1246 South River Road, Suite 105, Cranbury 08512. Christopher Foley, senior financial advisor. Staff size: 25. 609-655-0202; fax, 609-655-2727. Home page: www.wellsfargoadvisors.com, retail stock brokers, branch office, also asset management, insurance, trust, banking, financial products & services — a division of Wachovia Securities LLC. Reported in U.S. 1, December 2.

NCB Warehouse Lending, 3705 Quakerbridge Road, Suite 207, Hamilton 08619. Glenn Hedde, president. 609-890-1009. Warehouse lending arm of New Century Bank. Reported in U.S. 1, November 11.

Everest Tax Consulting Inc., 12 Roszel Road, Suite C-101, Princeton 08540. Norm Collier, CPA, partner. Staff size: 3. 609-951-0800. Tax planning, consulting, and compliannce matters. Reported in U.S. 1, November 11.

Healthcare Services

Cover Stories

The Tuchman Foundation, 4427 Route 27, Box 582, Kingston 08528. Martin Tuchman, chairman. 609-924-6006; fax, 609-951-0362. Charitable organization that includes the Parkinson’s Alliance. Reported in U.S. 1, March 18.

Integrity Health, 103 Carnegie Center, Suite 323, Princeton 08540. Doug Forrester, president. 609-606-7000; fax, 609-606-7008. Benefits management. Reported in U.S. 1, November 18.

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Hamilton, 1 Hamilton Health Place, Hamilton 08619. Anthony J. Cimino, president and CEO. Staff size: 1,850. 609-586-7900; fax, 609-584-6525. Home page: www.rwjhamilton.org, three medical centers — 200 bed acute-care hospital providing emergency, inpatient, and outpatient services, bariatric surgery, cardiac catheterization and rehabilitation, maternity, neurology, OB/Gyn, occupational and corporate health, PET/CT scanning, radiology, rehabilitation services, spinal surgery, surgical services, and vascular laboratory, The Cancer Institute of New Jersey at Hamilton, Lakeview Child Centers, a sleep care center, and extensive wellness and community education programs. Reported in U.S. 1, September 2.


Cover Story

Mid-Jersey Collaborative Law Alliance. Frances Merritt, president. www.midjerseycollaborativelawalliance.org, alliance of legal, financial, and mental health professionals offering collaborative divorce. Reported in U.S. 1, October 14.


Norris McLaughlin & Marcus PA, 721 Route 206-206, Box 1018, Somerville 08876. John J. Eagan, managing partner. Staff size: 230. 908-722-0700; fax, 908-722-0755. www.nmmlaw.com, 115 attorneys. Reported in U.S. 1, June 3.

New in Town

William T. Harvey, 3371 Brunswick Pike, Lawrence Commons, Suite 215, Lawrenceville 08648. William T. Harvey, owner. Staff size: 1. 609-843-0505; fax, 609-482-3673. http://wthlegal.intuitwebsites.com, general practice, personal injury, business organization, estate planning, real estate law, and debt collection. Reported in U.S. 1, July 22.

Volpe and Koenig PC, 1 Palmer Square, Suite 425, Princeton 08542. Thomas F. Meagher. 609-924-0165; fax, 215-568-6499. Home page: www.volpe-koenig.com, intellectual property and licensing, based in Philadelphia. Reported in U.S. 1, December 16.

Jee LLC, 34 Chambers Street, Suite 003, Princeton 08542. Rob Jee, attorney. 609-228-0582; fax, 609-964-1959. www.jee-llc.com, legal services, otsourcing resources, and counsel to financial institutions. Reported in U.S. 1, April 1.

Buttaci & Leardi, 103 Carnegie Center, Suite 101, Princeton 08540. Vincent Buttaci, managing member. 609-919-6311; fax, 609-524-2575. www.buttacilaw.com, product liability and fraud for healthcare industry. Reported in U.S. 1, June 17.

Goldberg Segalla LLP, 301 Carnegie Center, Suite 101, Princeton 08540. David S. Osterman, partner. Staff size: 4. 609-986-1300. www.goldbergsegalla.com, defense of complex products liability, class action litigation; based in Buffalo, 2 attorneys. Reported in U.S. 1, September 23.


Porzio, Bromberg & Newman PC (Mathews Shepherd), 29 Thanet Road, Suite 201, Princeton 08540. Robert G. Shepherd, principal. 609-524-1822. Home page: www.pbnlaw.com, focus on intellectual property law including patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, Internet law, author-publisher agreements, licensing and litigation, based in Morristown,. Reported in U.S. 1, May 13.




Netfrate LLC, 30 Vreeland Drive, Building 30, Suite 1, Skillman 08558. Pavel Trubetskoy, president. Staff size: 3. 609-430-0303; fax, 609-430-0202. www.netfrate.com, international freight forwarding. Reported in U.S. 1, February 11.


& Distribution


Lingraphica, 103 Carnegie Center, Suite 204, Princeton 08540. Andrew Gomory, CEO. Staff size: 10. 609-683-7272; fax, 609-683-7104. Home page: www.aphasia.com, speech generating device for adults with aphasia. Reported in U.S. 1, November 4.

Scholastic Book Fairs, 2540 Route 130 North, Suite 105, Cranbury 08512. 800-822-3247; fax, 609-860-1348. Home page: www.scholastic.com, sales office. Reported in U.S. 1, June 3.

Metaverse Corporation, 49 Stouts Lane, Monmouth Junction 08852. Doug Kerwin, CEO. Staff size: 59. 609-689-6603; fax, 609-689-6608. Online art and framing retailer, operates Fulcrum Gallery. Reported in U.S. 1, December 2.

Systech International, 2540 Route 130, Cranbury Campus Suite 128, Cranbury 08512. Robert M. DeJean, chairman. Staff size: 100. 609-395-8400; fax, 609-395-0064. Home page: www.systech-tips.com, radio frequency identification devices (RFID), bar code reading machines, manufacturing systems controls — for the pharmaceutical industry. Reported in U.S. 1, April 1.

LG Electronics U.S.A. Inc., 7 Clarke Drive, Cranbury 08512. David Johnston, vice president, marketing. Staff size: 15. 609-819-4747; fax, 609-819-4736. www.lgiris.com, sales and technical support offices for iris recognition system for access control; also ID Systems. Reported in U.S. 1, December 22.

Liquidity Services Inc., 5 Santa Fe Way, Cranbury 08517. Jim Dalm. 609-860-0044; fax, 609-860-0707. www.liquidation.com, online auction marketplace. Reported in U.S. 1, April 22.

New in Town

CRP Industries, 35 Commerce Drive, Cranbury 08512. Dan Schildge, president. 609-578-4100; fax, 609-655-5300. Home page: www.crpindustries.com, auto replacement parts and fluids, industrial thermoplastic hoses, and sales of high-speed Perske motors; also in California, Mexico, and Canada. Reported in U.S. 1, July 1.

Albert Kemperle Inc., 100 Melrich Road, South Brunswick Industrial Park, Cranbury 08512. Reggie DeJesus. 609-860-2800; fax, 609-860-2801. Home page: www.kemperle.net, wholesale paint and parts to body shops, based in Linden. Reported in U.S. 1, April 8.

Allychem USA inc, 11 Deer Park Drive, Suite 102-B, Monmouth Junction 08852. Zhinong “James” Gao PhD MBA, general manager. 732-668-8758; fax, 732-439-9369. Home page: www.allychemusa.com, boronic chemicals, chiral chemicals, custom synthesis. Reported in U.S. 1, September 16.

Fitz and Floyd, 429 Riverview Plaza, Trenton 08650. Steve Baram, president. Staff size: 7. 609-916-0201; fax, 800-328-9955. Home page: www.fitzandfloyd.com, manufacturer of tabletop china. Reported in U.S. 1, August 19.

Perstorp, 239 Prospect Plains Road, Suite A-101, Monroe 08831. Bo Dankins, president and CEO. 609-860-1732; fax, 609-860-1730. Home page: www.perstorp.com, regional sales office for Ohio-based maker of specialty chemicals, coatings, and plastics. Reported in U.S. 1, April 29.

United Stationers Supply Co., 100 Liberty Way, Cranbury 08512. Wayne Scott, general manager. 609-619-4000; fax, 609-409-9066. Home page: www.ussco.com, distribution center for distributor of business products (over 100,000 from about 1,000 manufacturers), including office products, office furniture, janitorial and breakroom supplies, and industrial products. Reported in U.S. 1, June 24.

Berry Plastics Corporation, 4 Aurora Drive, Suite 403, Cranbury 08512. 609-655-4600. Home page: www.berryplastics.com, distribution warehouse; based in Evansville, Indiana. Reported in U.S. 1, May 13.

PulseTor LLC, 1580 Reed Road, Suite C3, Pennington 08534. Gary Schnerr, Director of Operations. 609-303-0578; fax, 609-303-0581. Home page: www.pulsetor.com, scientific instrumentation for photon detection. Reported in U.S. 1, March 25.

Airwell Fedders North America, 2 Centre Drive, Box 7222, Monroe 08831. Dave Pearson, general manager. Staff size: 12. 609-662-5300; fax, 609-662-5301. Home page: www.fedders.com, provides air conditioning and other air treatment products for commercial and residential customers. Reported in U.S. 1, January 28.

Contracts Awarded

SightLogix/Automated Threat Detection, 745 Alexander Road, Suites 5 and 6, Princeton 08540. John Romanowich, president & CEO. Staff size: 20. 609-951-0008; fax, 609-951-0024. Home page: www.sightlogix.com, intelligent video surveillance systems for securing large outdoor areas and perimeters. Reported in U.S. 1, July 15.

Ocean Power Technologies, 1590 Reed Road, Building A, Suite 1, Pennington 08534. Dr. George W. Taylor, chief executive officer. Staff size: 40. 609-730-0400; fax, 609-730-0404. Home page: www.oceanpowertechnologies.com, development, manufacture, and sales of equipment to generate electrical power using ocean waves. Reported in U.S. 1, November 18.

Princeton Power Systems Inc., 201 Washington Road, Building 2, Princeton Junction 08550. Marshall Cohen, CEO. Staff size: 8. 609-258-5994; fax, 609-258-7329. Home page: www.princetonpower.com, development of patented electric power conversion technology for variable speed motor control, power quality, renewable and distributed generation applications. Reported in U.S. 1, December 22.

Office and Personnel

New in Town

Lasting First Impressions LLC, Box 277, Pennington 08534. Maria Hutter, president. 609-462-5455; fax, 609-737-2415. Home page: www.lastingfirstimpressionsllc.com, resume, career coaching, and image consulting. Reported in U.S. 1, November 18.


Cover Story

NephroGenex, 104 Carnegie Center, Suite 214, Princeton 08540. J. Wesley Fox, president and CEO. 609-986-1780; fax, 609-275-5610. Home page: www.nephrogenex.com, therapies for kidney disease. Reported in U.S. 1, August 26.


Science Oriented Solutions, 2000 Lenox Drive, Suite 100, Lawrenceville 08648. Dr. Robin Winter-Sperry, president and CEO. 609-671-3526. Home page: www.scienceorientedsolutions.com, contract domestic and international Medical Science Liaison Solutions, division of Publicis Healthcare Communications Group. Reported in U.S. 1, August 5.

New in Town

Allos Therapeutics Inc., 302 Carnegie Center, Suite 102, Princeton 08540. 609-751-0720; fax, 609-936-3760. www.allos.com, innovative small molecule drugs for the treatment of cancer. Reported in U.S. 1, March 18.

Chartwell Pharmaceutical, 7 Deer Park Drive, Suite N, Monmouth Junction 08853. David I. Chipkin, COO. Generic OTC pharmaceuticals and neutraceuticals. Reported in U.S. 1, December 16.

Strategic Alliance-


Covance Inc., 206 Carnegie Center, Princeton 08540. Joe Herring, CEO. Staff size: 800. 609-452-8550; fax, 609-452-9375. www.covance.com, headquarters for comprehensive drug development service company, including clinical trials management, with operations in more than 20 countries, more than 8,100 employees worldwide, also at 210 Carnegie. Reported in U.S. 1, December 22.


Cover Stories

Institute for Advanced Study, Einstein Drive, Princeton 08540. Peter Goddard, director. Staff size: 200. 609-734-8000; fax, 609-924-8399. Home page: www.ias.edu, private, non-profit center dedicated to fundamental research and learning in humanities, social sciences, physical sciences, and mathematics. Reported in U.S. 1, December 9.

Orthobond, 675 Route 1 South, North Brunswick 08902. Arthur Alfaro, CEO. Staff size: 5. 732-729-6235; fax, 732-683-9476. www.orthobond.com, commercialization of bio/inorganic interface technology for orthopedics, developed at Princeton University. Reported in U.S. 1, September 9.


Chromocell Corporation, 685 Route 1 South, Technology Center of New Jersey, North Brunswick 08902. Christian Kopfli, CEO. Staff size: 80. 732-565-1113; fax, 732-565-1183. www.chromocell.com, drug discovery programs in pain relief, anxiety, and respiratory disorders, also cell therapy, stems cells, and other therapeutic biologic fields. Reported in U.S. 1, April 1.

New Cardio Inc., 103 Carnegie Center, Suite 300, Princeton 08540. Branislav Vajdic, CEO. 408-516-5000; fax, 973-233-4452. www.newcardio.com, diagnostic three-dimensional electrocardiography, based in Silicon Valley. Reported in U.S. 1, September 30.

New in Town

CollaFirm LLC, 7 Deer Park Drive, Suite M-7, Monmouth Junction 08552. Surendra Batra, CEO & founder. Staff size: 1. 732-823-1051. Home page: www.collafirm.com, collagen based technologies and products for implants and surgical applications. Reported in U.S. 1, March 18.

Contract Awarded

Sarnoff Corporation, 201 Washington Road, Box 5300, Princeton 08543. Don Newsome, president & CEO. Staff size: 409. 609-734-2553; fax, 609-734-2040. Home page: www.sarnoff.com, vision, video, and semiconductor technology innovations for use in complex environments. Reported in U.S. 1, February 11.

Orchid Cellmark Inc., 4390 Route 1 North, Princeton 08540. Thomas A. Bologna, CEO. Staff size: 25. 609-750-2200; fax, 609-750-6405. Home page: www.orchid.com, provider of identity genetics services for the forensic and paternity DNA testing markets and for public health and animal DNA testing for food safety. Reported in U.S. 1, October 21.

Soligenix, 29 Emmons Drive, Suite C-10, Princeton 08540. Christopher J. Schaber, president and CEO. Staff size: 8. 609-538-8200; fax, 609-538-8205. Home page: www.soligenix.com, products to treat life-threatening side effects of cancer treatments and serious gastrointestinal diseases, and vaccines for certain bioterrorism agents; formerly DOR Biopharma. Reported in U.S. 1, October 21.

Universal Display Corporation Inc., 375 Phillips Boulevard, Ewing 08618. Steven Abramson, president. Staff size: 66. 609-671-0980; fax, 609-671-0995. www.universaldisplay.com, flat panel, full color OLED displays, and OLEDs for white lighting. Reported October 28.

Real Estate

Cover Story

Simone Realty Inc., 100 Federal City Road, Lawrenceville 08648. John Simone Jr., president. Staff size: 9. 609-882-1105; fax, 609-530-1037. www.simonerealty.com. Reported in U.S. 1, February 18.


Henderson Sotheby’s International Real Estate, 45 East Broad Street, Hopewell 08525. Raymond E. Disch, broker. Staff size: 10. 609-466-4666; fax, 609-466-4611. www.hendersonsir.com, residential and commercial real estate and commercial property management. Reported in U.S. 1, May 27.

New in Town

Signature Title Agency, LLC, 2000 Lenox Drive, Suite 202, Lawrenceville 08648. Ehab Abousabe, president. 609-439-9080; fax, 866-685-1650. Title and settlement services. Reported in U.S. 1, August 19.

The Residences at Palmer Square, 53 Hulfish Street, Princeton 08542. Sharon Bloodgood, sales manager. 609-924-3884. Home page: www.palmersquare.com. Reported in U.S. 1, November 18.

Showhomes of Princeton, 38 Burning Tree Lane, Lawrenceville 08648. Jonathan Cheifitz, owner. 609-512-1052. Home page: www.showhomes.com. Reported in U.S. 1, June 10.


Urban Business Accelerator, 354 South Broad Street, Trenton 08638. Elizabeth Faircloth, chief operating officer. Staff size: 2. 888-482-8776; fax, 609-543-6064. Home page: www.thederosagroup.com, business incubator and accelerator. Reported in U.S. 1, November 4.



Princeton University New Media, 87 Prospect Street, Princeton 08544. Dave Hopkins. 609-258-6073; fax, 609-258-3943. Home page: www.princeton.edu/~newmedia, new media center. Reported in U.S. 1, February 4.

BounceU, 410 Princeton-Hightstown Road, West Windsor 08550. William Bupp, owner. Staff size: 25. 609-443-5867. www.bounceu.com/westwindsor, indoor inflatable play structures for children and adults. Reported in U.S. 1, April 29.

New in Town

PSI Test Center, 3525 Quakerbridge Road, Suite 1000, Hamilton. Steve Tapp, CEO. 609-588-0919. Home page: www.psionline.com, testing center for real estate and insurance; headquartered in Burbank, California. Reported in U.S. 1, August 12.

CORE Education & Consulting, 1 Independence Way, Princeton 08540. Prakash Gupta, CEO. 609-919-0970; fax, 770-234-5327. Home page: www.coreecs.com, educational software programs and services; based in Atlanta, and a subsidiary of India-based CORE Projects and Technologies. Reported in U.S. 1, February 25.

Strayer University, 3150 Brunswick Pike, Suite 100, Lawrenceville 08648. Michael Volpe, campus dean. 609-406-7600; fax, 609-771-8636. www.strayer.edu, undergraduate programs in accounting, business, and information systems, plus MBA program. Reported in U.S. 1, November 25.

Chyten Educational Services, 21 Route 31 North, Suite B-3, Pennington 08534. Kathy Robins, director. 609-737-8910. www.chyten.com, test preparation, homework help, college counseling, academic richment, and academic planning. Reported in U.S. 1, May 6.

Huntington Learning Center, 691 Route 130 North, Hamilton 08691. Mark Kance MEd, center director. 609-439-0400; fax, 609-439-0200. Reading, study skills, writing, phonics, spelling, math, SAT/ACT prep. Reported in U.S. 1, April 1.

Social Services


Eden Autism Services, 1 Eden Way, Princeton 08540. Thomas P. McCool, president and CEO. Staff size: 250. 609-987-0099; fax, 609-987-0243. www.edenservices.org, services for children and adults with autism, and their families. Reported in U.S. 1, May 6.

New in Town

Community Justice Center, 310 West State Street, Third Floor, Trenton 08618. Melissa Gertz, executive director. 609-218-5120; fax, 609-218-5126. Home page: www.nj-cjc.org, legal support and advocacy for civil rights, environmental justice, public benefits, and returning veterans’ rights. Reported in U.S. 1, March 25.


New in Town

Global Convergence Solutions Inc., 1325 Route 206, Suite 30, Skillman 08558. Neal M. Axelrad, CEO. 732-853-0510. www.globalconvergence.com, consultation and networking solutions. Reported September 23.

Capable Communications, 7 Spruce Road, East Windsor 08520. John Smith, managing director. 609-301-5544; fax, 609-651-4884. www.capablecomm.com, telecommunications and technology consultants. Reported in U.S. 1, February 25.


New in Town

Princeton Self Storage, 35 Airpark Road, Princeton 08540. Carrie DeNito, property manager. 609-279-2199. www.princetonselfstorage.com. Reported December 22.



NRG Energy Inc., 211 Carnegie Center, Princeton 08540. David Crane, CEO. Staff size: 240. 609-524-4500; fax, 609-524-4501. www.nrgenergy.com, merchant power generator with 5,540 plants in four countries, 3,800 employees worldwide. Reported in U.S. 1, December 2.

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