We are a newspaper but sometimes we think the “olds” is more in demand than the news. During the past few months, as we have been revamping our website, we have heard from dozens of readers posing questions and suggestions. We have been surprised at how many calls and E-mails have concerned our archives, often relating to stories that ran not weeks or months ago, but in some cases years ago — many years.

One other thing we can testify to is how fast time is flying for all of us. If someone tells us they are looking for a story that appeared a few weeks ago, we begin to think in terms of months. If they recall a story running earlier this year, we figure it ran last year. And if it ran a few years ago, it could be any time at all.

In recent days we have heard from two of our technologically savvy contributors, Doug Dixon and Ed Tenner, both of whom reported broken links from their websites to articles written by them and archived on our site. That’s because our archives are now split between two web servers and two formats, the old and the new.

We like the new format, searchable by issue date and keyword (as the old format was), and also searchable by story type and by author’s name. If you can’t remember anything else, but you recall a cover story having been of interest, you can search up all the cover stories we have run and browse until your memory is jarred. Or you can look up all the articles written by any of our writers, staff or contributors, and cull through old articles that way.

We have been using the new system (and working out a few kinks) for the last two or three months. And we also have been converting older articles into the new format. We have a long way to go — our digital archives in the old format go back to January, 1998, and we have lots of floppy disks hanging around for stories that appeared back in the pre-Internet days.

But, mindful that some old articles can gain a newfound currency, we will not always reformat our archives in chronological order. This week, for example, we added two articles from our January 9, 2008, issue to our “new” archives. The reason: The articles were our cover story and sidebar on the Snack Factory, the Montgomery Knoll-based food company that just ended up No. 3 (!) on the new Inc. 500 list of fast growing companies. The September issue of Inc. magazine presents a snapshot view of the company; our story from January, written by Kathleen McGinn Spring, provides an in-depth view of the company and its founders. In this case old news is good news.

Inside This Issue. Please note that, beginning on page 10 of this issue, U.S. 1 is hosting the August newsletter of the Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce. Since our audience and the chamber’s membership come from virtually the same business community, we guessed that the newsletter would be good company. We hope you agree.

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