How many times have you read the health headlines on diet with words like ”Eat this, Not That’ or “New Research Study Finds You Can Eat all the Fat you Like!” Every month there seems to be a new study with research data contradicting the report you just read last week! With competing agendas and confusing analysis of the studies, it is easy for simple truths of healthy living to get obscured and lost in the shuffle.

What you don’t hear enough about in the news, is how simple conscious lifestyle habits based on your bio-individuality can impact your overall health and genetic lottery positively and greatly. In other words, your personal lifestyle can truly be the best medicine and secret weapon to slowing down the aging process and feeling vital throughout the stages of your life. The A+Life Retreat aims to explore the wisdom of lifestyle as medicine and celebrate the pleasure and rewards of living well.

There is a workshop for just about everything these days, but who has time for wellness a ‘la cart? What you need is to spend a day away where you can take time to relax your mind, and leave the distractions of your busy life. It’s time to make time for you and treat yourself to a pleasurable, restorative, and enlightening A+ Life Retreat.

Sometimes a change of environment and a relaxing setting is what you need to unwind and clarify what matters to you. Attend the A+Life Retreat, where we provide the inspiration, wisdom, and tools to guide you toward a Healthy Epicurean lifestyle and begin to enjoy your own individual life of wellness. Experience a fun, educational day retreat, and learn from internationally acclaimed doctors, experts, and award-winning authors, who are leaders in lifestyle as medicine and grounded in real science and time-tested wisdom. Reserve your seat now for September 24, 2017. Limited Seats Available and pre-registration is required. Breakfast and gourmet lunch is included in ticket.

Plan a day of self-care and enjoy a lovely resort atmosphere while exploring Healthy Epicurean philosophies and lifestyle as medicine. Join us at the Forrestal Marriott in Princeton, New Jersey for our unique one day retreat. Nestled on beautiful 25 acres of scenic woodland right off the Route 1 corridor, the Princeton Marriott is easy to get to from New York, New Jersey or Philadelphia. Find time and take time for a day of edutainment curated just for you. Don’t miss it! Healthcare organizations and staff are encouraged to contact us for a special group discount code when registering. You deserve a day! Email for details.

Laura Connolly, Founder, Rise of Wise, presents A+Life Retreat

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