There’s still plenty of time to make good on that weight-related New Year’s resolution thanks to Weight & Life MD, where evidence-based medical treatments are delivered with a holistic touch.

Just as exciting: the medical weight management program is covered by health plans. That’s because Nadia B. Pietrzykowska, M.D., FACP, is residency-trained and board certified in internal medicine, and fellowship-trained and board certified in both obesity medicine and nutrition. She also is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians.

“Evidence-based medicine follows guidelines set forth by medical societies, and is grounded in scientific research,” she explained. “If there’s no scientific evidence behind a treatment, or if it’s not FDA-approved, I don’t use it. There are no ‘fads’ here. I keep up with scientific findings and make sure to use all the tools available for weight management.”

Dr. Pietrzykowska sees a wide range of adult patients, both women and men. Many are referred by primary care doctors or other specialists. However, any adult with an interest in weight loss, weight gain, or a personalized plan for a healthy lifestyle may make an appointment.

“Most of my patients are either overweight or obese, and have tried all sorts of treatments with no success,” she added. “Many have medical issues like diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, or sleep apnea. They need close medical monitoring and medication adjustments during weight loss. Others who already had bariatric surgery in the past are either regaining weight or having nutritional issues. All are great candidates for my medical program.”

What makes Dr. Pietrzykowska’s program unique is the holistic touch. She goes deeper than the medical condition and treats the whole person. This starts with the very first consultation visit, which is free.

After this visit, free body composition analysis and metabolism testing are done onsite as well as an hour-long first medical visit. Dr. Pietrzykowska takes her time to put together a plan that reflects the patient’s history, tests, and current medical needs. It truly is a personalized treatment.

“My patients appreciate the undivided attention they receive,” she said. “I am not only their caring doctor but also an attentive friend and coach. This is probably why the vast majority of patients who come to check my program join it and stay with us.”

The actual program consists of weekly visits. Dr. Pietrzykowska works with patients as long as it takes to achieve both their health and weight goals. The focus is on both weight loss as well as weight maintenance. Many other programs fail because of the lack of ongoing contact or long-term maintenance.

“Losing weight is half the battle,” she said. “The goal is to maintain it afterword. As there are set points in the brain that need to change, this may take time and effort. Weight & Life MD offers tools to enable patients’ success for a lifetime.”

Weight & Life MD patients have access to a studio for fitness assessments and classes, yoga for stress reduction, as well as support group meetings. In addition, they also can take advantage of cosmetic weight reduction solutions offered onsite.

Weight & Life MD, 1901 North Olden Avenue Extension, Suite 29: Medical Offices, Suite 6A: Fitness/Yoga/Classes, Ewing Professional Park, Ewing. 609-882-1686.

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