Wee Willie Winkie runs through the town

Upstairs, downstairs in his nightgown

Rapping at the window

Crying at the lock

Are the children all in bed?

For now it’s eight o’clock.

Unfortunately for young Willie, the police arrived at his home the next day with a warrant for his arrest. He was handcuffed and taken to the police station and charged with being a “peeping Tom,” exposing himself to minors, and disturbing the peace.

His mother was distraught and beside herself for she always thought of her son as a “good boy.” Luckily Mrs. Winkie’s sister-in-law Sadie had a nephew who was a lawyer. Although Sadie’s nephew was not a criminal attorney, he was able to get Willie out on bail.

Willie, who had always thought of himself as a self-appointed servant of society, was befuddled by his current predicament. He believed if he were only allowed to tell his version of the story to the community, all charges would be dropped.

However, by day’s end the Winkie home was surrounded by a bevy of television and newspaper reporters. The phone rang incessantly with calls from all the major cable news networks asking for interviews.

This uproar was more than poor Mrs. Winkie could bear. Her physician prescribed some tranquilizers. In addition, the family decided that Aunt Sadie’s nephew would have to provide a list of defense attorneys more suited to the task.

Within a few days Wee Willie’s story had spread far and wide. He realized that, not only would he not be able to explain away his behavior, but also he had suddenly become a celebrity.

Willie was indicted by the Grand Jury and although Willie’s trial date has not yet been set, he has retained the services of attorney Mark Geragos, whose team is working diligently to develop a strong defense. Nancy Grace postulates daily on her show on Headline News that the punishment for a crime, such as the one she is sure Willie has committed, must be of the most severe kind. As for the children who Willie visited . . . they wait in vain each night by their window and have all developed sleep disorders!

Lewis, a school teacher, has fond memories of reading nursery rhymes to her children.

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