Lots of people walking down Nassau Street in downtown Princeton have turned the heads of passing motorists. But one damp and chilly afternoon last month, heads were turned at a one-of-kind sight. It was our freelance contributor, Anna Soloway, dressed to the nines in a wedding gown, helping us illustrate the cover of this issue, which features her wedding planning diary beginning on page 35.

The photo premise would not have been possible without a gown. We have Thurin Atelier to thank for the loaner. The gown, designed by the atelier’s eponymous designer Jean-Ralph Thurin (a graduate of Parsons School of Design), is called Baronness and is made of duchess silk satin with water crystal beading. It is from Thurin’s fall 2008 collection. Formerly located on Route 206, Thurin Atelier has just opened at 210 Nassau Street (609-924-2153, www.thurinatelier.com).

Sold-Out Response

to Energy Medicine

On March 3 you ran Jamie Saxon’s article about Energy Medicine, “Balancing Your Body’s Energy for Optimum Health,” which mentioned my wife, Donna Eden, and our books.

We have been covered widely in the media, but your article seemed to touch a nerve. We have received a tremendous amount of positive feedback about it. We know the topic is a bit unconventional, so we wanted to thank you for having the courage to bring this health care approach to your readers. Based on the response to the event mentioned (sold out at 300 with many many more turned away), it seems they were paying attention.

David Feinstein, Ph.D.


Thank you for printing the article “Balancing Your Body’s Energy for Optimum Health.” Your openness to cutting edge ideas gives exposure to health options that would otherwise be difficult to find. Jamie Saxon deftly articulated complex health conditions that demonstrate how working with the body’s energies can help relieve pain and promote healing.

While most of the serious conditions she reported used energy work integrated with traditional medical treatments, many of our clients have found energy work helpful in simply maintaining their health. Our ongoing energy work with two children attending a school in Princeton was likely the reason they were the only ones out of several dozen students (and teachers) who did not get sick with the flu in February of this year. Energy Medicine can be very effective in maintaining wellness for healthy people, too.

Diana Warren CMT, CEEMP

Geoffrey White LCSW, CEEMP

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