Did you have any trouble finding a copy of U.S. 1 the last few days? We hope so because there was no issue last week, August 3, as part of our annual tradition of skipping a week in the dog days of summer. We now have resumed our weekly publication schedule and will maintain it until the last week in December when we observe another tradition and skip the Wednesday between Christmas and New Year’s.

A few readers who missed us on August 3 contacted the office and asked what had happened. Even though the interruption in delivery in this instance was no accident, we are glad they called. And we urge other readers to do the same should the paper not arrive as usual. Sometimes a new deliverer simply fails to locate an office that an old deliver knew by heart. Other times traffic tie-ups may send a deliverer in a new pattern, and a section of a route is missed.

Sometimes we delivered the paper but by the time you got to the front desk it was gone. If you tell us we will be happy to increase the number. And if you think your workforce would enjoy a larger number of papers delivered to the office cafeteria, for example, we can make that happen, and even provide a wire rack to keep the stack off the floor.

In any of these cases a phone call or an E-mail — info@princetoninfo.com — will get our attention.

In terms of delivery, the question asked most frequently is “Where can I get a copy of the paper?” That question usually is answered first with another question: “Where are you located and where do your travels take you in the greater Princeton business community?” E-mails are helpful so that we can take time to consider your circumstances and then recommend several stops where we leave multiple copies of the paper.

Another frequently asked question comes from home-based businesses: “Can I have a copy delivered to my door?” The answer here, sadly, is usually no. Even though our deliverer may drive within a block of your house, the time it takes to navigate through a residential setting is not usually an efficient use of a car and driver. In the delivery game we are basically competing with the post office, which charges around 15 cents a copy for the bulk mailing of a newspaper such as ours.

If we absolutely, positively cannot get a physical copy of our paper to you then we recommend you go to our website, www.princetoninfo.com or subscribe to our free E-mail newsletter. Online you will find digital versions of the stories in the current issue, and also a PDF of the entire print edition — stories, photos, ads, and all.

So we hope to see you again next week in this space — either in print or online. And we welcome all of you to see us in person next Thursday, August 18, at the Summer Fiction reception at the D&R Greenway on Rosedale Road. A detailed invitation appears on page 28 of this issue.

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