The Watershed Science and Stewardship Academy classes are week-long environmental investigations for high school students designed to invoke a sense of wonder and inquiry of the natural environment in the context of real-world issues.

This year’s four exciting offerings are on climate change, green architecture, field science, and clean water, using Next Generation Science Standards. Students will explore environmental careers alongside professors and professionals through hands-on activities engaged in real scientific techniques and conservation projects.

The Academies also offer opportunities for students to connect with the Watershed staff and their partners for related independent studies, internships, and service learning credits. Register for one week or all four! Discounts are available for Watershed Members and multi-week registrations! Scholarships are available in each class for qualified individuals. Classes typically run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day depending on trips.

If you would like to apply for a scholarship for an Academy week, please inquire prior to registration with Steve Tuorto, director of science and stewardship, at, or at 609-737-3735, ext. 35.

Climate Change | July 9 to 13. Discover what drives climate change and the impact of human activities on those drivers in sessions with Emmy Award-winning meteorologist Bernadette Woods Placky and state climatologist David Robinson.

Environmental Field Science | July 16 to 20. Are you curious about the actions that scientists and environmental groups are taking to study and develop conservation efforts? Enjoy daily outings with the Watershed staff to visit local river and the Jersey shore sites. Learn about the different studies, techniques, and conservation work in ecological field science by participating in them with academic and other professional groups!

Green Architecture & Energy | July 23 to 27. The key to a sustainable future lies in current and future generations learning how to construct and renovate structures in a way that we minimize our impact to the environment.

Clean Water Academy | July 30 to August 3. Join the Watershed’s Science Director, Steven Tuorto, PhD, to learn how rainwater mixes with nutrients, pesticides, fertilizers, and many other chemicals we use to create “people pollution.” Also known as “non-point source pollution,” the mixing of these chemical into stormwater runoff is the most serious threat to the future of clean drinking water and healthy river & stream ecosystems. Learn how the Watershed’s Science and Advocacy departments are working on projects that are paving the way for better laws and actions for managing rainwater to keep our watersheds healthy.

For more information about the Watershed Academy or to register online, visit

Watershed Science and Stewardship Academy, 31 Titus Mill Road, Pennington.

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