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Volunteers and Movies

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Volunteers Wanted

The Stony-Brook-Millstone Watershed Association seeks

volunteers to monitor water quality in tributaries to the Stony Brook

and Millstone River. No scientific background is necessary, and free

training is provided. Volunteers choose one of three water quality

action teams that monitor chemical, biological, and river action.

Training takes place Saturday, June 17, at 9 a.m. Call 609-737-3735;

e-mail syergeau@thewatershed.org.

Family and Children’s Services of Central New Jersey seeks

volunteer mentors for its Family Mentor Program. The program links

families in need with carefully screened, trained, and monitored volunteers

in practical "extended family" relationships. Call Pam Senatore

at 609-448-0056.

The Literacy Volunteers of America, Mercer County, seeks

tutors to teach Basic Literacy and English as a Second Language to

adults. Students ranging from Liberian women refugees to a group of

five Chinese restaurant workers are seeking literacy assistance. The

demand for tutors exceeds the supply. Call June Vogel, 609-393-8855.

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Participate Please

Garden State Horror Writers are accepting entries for

their eighth annual short story contest on the theme, "Addictions,

Obsessions, and Compulsions," juried by suspense novelists Jack

Ketchum, Greg Gifune, and Jack Fisher. Deadline is July 31. Entry

fee is $10 per story, with a first prize of $50. For guidelines send

SASE to GSHW Contest, 18 Circle Drive, Rockaway 07974.

The International Side Saddle Organization and the Somerset

County Horse and Pony Association are interested in participating

in street parades. Both groups have horses and riders with extensive

parade experience and have participated in Philadelphia, New York,

and Washington, among others. To invite the groups to join your parade,

contact Michelle M. Liggett, at 908-722-3665 or MMLMom@aol.com.

Friends of the New Jersey State Museum have a trip to

Ellis Island on Thursday, June 29. The group will leave from Lawrence

Shopping Center at 8 a.m. Cost is $56 and includes a bag lunch. Call


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NJ Film Film Fest

New Jersey International Film Festival is presented by the Rutgers

Film Co-op/New Jersey Media Arts Center, New Brunswick. Screenings

are Fridays through Sunday in Scott Hall, Room 123, College Avenue

Campus (near the corner of College Avenue and Hamilton Street). Thursday

screenings are in Loree Hall, Room 024, Douglass College Campus (near

the corner of Nichol Avenue and George Street). All programs begin

at 7 p.m.; $5 non-members. Information 732-932-8482; Website: www.rci.rutgers.edu/~nigrin.

Orpheus, Jean Cocteau’s 1949 classic retelling of the

Greek myth, set in a jazzy, mid-century Parisian milieu, starring

Maria Casares and Jean Marais, Thursday, June 15. The Terrorist,

the powerful 1998 independent Indian feature, written and directed

by Santosh Sivan, about a 19-year-old suicide assassin plagued by

second thoughts; on a double bill with Mr. Death: Rise and Fall

of Fred A. Leuchter Jr. , a controversial new documentary by Errol

Morris (1999). $8, Friday and Saturday, June 16 and 17. Princess

Mononoke, one of the most extravagantly beautiful animated features

ever made, Hayao Miyazaki’s 1999 epic tale of medieval Japan, Sunday,

June 18.

Brazil, Back by popular demand, the restored director’s

cut of Terry Gilliam’s 1984 visually-dazzling futuristic fantasy,

Thursday, June 22. The Emperor and the Assassin, director Chen

Kaige’s ("Farewell, My Concubine") newest film, a sweeping

epic about political intrigue in third century B.C. China, Friday

and Saturday, June 23 and 24. Coming To Light, Anne Makepeace’s

story of turn-of-the-century photographer Edward S. Curtis and his

singleminded project to document traditional Native American life

(2000), Sunday, June 25.

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Mainstream Movies

Confirm titles with theaters.

Big Momma’s House. Martin Lawrence plays an FBI agent

disguised as a grandmother protecting a woman from an escaped convict.

AMC, Destinta, Loews, Mercer, Regal.

Bossa Nova. Brazilian dance and music setting, stars Amy

Irving. Marketfair.

Center Stage. Dancers from New York’s American Ballet

Theater portray aspiring dancers competing for a spot in a ballet

academy. AMC.

Dinosaur. The larger-than-life animation from the Disney

studios. AMC, Destinta, Loews, Marketfair, Montgomery,


East is East. A story about a Pakistani immigrant who

watches his family slowly become westernized. AMC, Montgomery.

Erin Brockovich. Julia Roberts plays a real-life crusader

bent on revealing both her cleavage and the polluting sins of a California

power company. Marketfair.

Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas. Stars human versions of

stone-age cartoon characters. AMC, MarketFair, Regal.

Frequency. Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezel star in this

film fantasy. AMC, Loews, Mercer, Regal.

Gladiator. Russell Crowe stars in this Roman epic adventure

from DreamWorks. AMC, Destinta, Loews, Mercer, Montgomery,


Gone in 60 Seconds. Plenty of car chases and one-liners

in this story about a reformed car thief (Nicholas Cage) forced back

into action. AMC, Destinta, Loews, Mercer, Regal.

High Fidelity. John Cusack plays the owner of a retro

record store whose business is failing, and whose life stinks. MarketFair.

I Dreamed of Africa. Kim Basinger stars in the life story

of Kuki Gallmann, an Italian woman who starts a new life in Kenya.


Joe Gould’s Secret. Based on Joseph Mitchell’s last story

for The New Yorker about an eccentric, homeless man and Harvard graduate

who claimed to be writing a monumental work of literature. Steve Tucci

directs and stars, with Steve Martin and Hope Davis. Montgomery.

Keeping the Faith. Edward Norton directs and stars in

this romantic triangle comedy with Ben Stiller and Jen Elfman. Mercer.

Mission Impossible 2. The TV action series spinoff sequel.

AMC, Destinta, Garden, Loews, Montgomery, Regal.

Road Trip. An `Animal House’ inspired film by Todd Phillips,

winner of a 1998 Sundance award for `Frat House.’ AMC, Destinta,

Loews, MarketFair, Regal.

Shanghai Noon. Comic Western stars Jackie Chan, Owen Wilson,

and Lucy Liu (of TV’s `Ally McBeal’). AMC, Destinta, Loews, Marketfair,


Small Time Crooks. Woody Allen wrote, directed, and stars

in a comedy about an ex-bank robber who wants to retire with his wife

(Tracy Ullman) to Florida. AMC, Garden, Loews, Mercer, Montgomery,


Time Code 2000. From director Mike Figgis, a black comedy

set in Los Angeles that hinges on an elicit affair and a murder. Shot

entirely in one-day using hand-held digital cameras. Marketfair.

Up at the Villa. Philip Haas (`Angels and Insects’) directs

Kristin Scott Thomas, Sean Penn, and Anne Bancroft. Marketfair.

U-571. Harvey Keitel and Matthew McConaughey star in this

Navy suspense film. AMC, Regal.

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AMC Hamilton 24 Theaters, 325 Sloan Avenue, I-295 Exit

65A, 609-890-8307. 24-screen, stadium-seating. $7; $5 matinees; $5


Destinta, Independence Plaza, 2465 South Broad Street,

Hamilton, 609-888-4500. Stadium-seating 12-screen. $6.75; $5 matinees.

Garden Theater, 160 Nassau Street, 609-683-7595. $6.50

adults; $4 matinees.

Loews Theaters, Route 1 South, New Brunswick, 732-846-9200.

Stadium-seating multiplex. $8.50 adults; $5.25 matinees.

MarketFair-UA, Route 1 South, 609-520-8700. $7.50

adults; $4.75 matinees.

Mercer Mall General Cinemas, Route 1, 609-452-2868.

$7.25 adults; $4.75 matinees.

Montgomery Center Theater, Routes 206 and 518,

609-924-7444. $7 adults; $4.25 matinees.

Regal Cinemas Town Center Plaza, 319 Route 130 North,

East Windsor, 609-371-8473. Stadium-seating, 15 screens. $8 adults;

$5 matinees.

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