VolunteerConnect offers nonprofit board training for individuals and corporate employees. They are the leading organization in central New Jersey committed to connecting skilled professionals with nonprofits in need of new trustees and project-based pro bono support.

Many employers recognize the value of volunteer service, but need tools to engage staff meaningfully. “Stark & Stark has always had a culture of participating in the community, but it’s been challenging to maintain,” says shareholder Rachel Stark. “Employees don’t always live locally. It’s more difficult for them to make connections.” Domenic Sanginiti was one of those attorneys. He came from a family tradition of community involvement and knew he wanted to serve on a nonprofit board, but wasn’t sure where to begin.

Meanwhile, nonprofits need board support to provide advocacy, fundraising, and strategic oversight. Jessica Nitti, executive director of CampFire NJ, wanted to refresh and expand her board, but also knew that adding new trustees required a steep learning curve. For help, she reached out to Amy Klein, VolunteerConnect’s executive director.

“Our BoardConnect program recruits and prepares professionals for nonprofit board service. The result is that valuable leaders help our local nonprofits thrive, while building meaningful relationships in the communities they serve.”

Domenic discovered BoardConnect through an email Rachel sent to Stark & Stark’s attorneys. “The classes really helped,” he said. “VolunteerConnect does a tremendous job of choosing the most effective speakers so you know what to ask and what to do.” As an employer, Rachel says the BoardConnect program solves the disconnect between expectations and reality: “When we tell an attorney who is just beginning to establish themselves in the community that we want them to become involved, having a formal training program helps them get the most out of it.”

Through BoardConnect, Domenic joined the boards of Campfire NJ and Enable, each aligning with different interests. He reflects, “I don’t think I’d be using my potential if I didn’t use my position as an attorney to get involved and give back. Board service gives you a chance to get out there and help — that’s a reward in itself.”

The BoardConnect program is offered twice a year and can also be a customized platform for corporations looking to add value to their social responsibility and professional development initiatives. Now an enthusiastic advocate, Domenic urges other professionals to try BoardConnect: “If you truly have a passion to serve and want to be involved, VolunteerConnect is the place to go. It has its finger on the pulse of the community.”

To learn more about VolunteerConnect and how you can help support nonprofits year-round, visit the website at www.VolunteerConnectNJ.org or call 609-921-8893.

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