Integrated services make the difference

Wellness services are in vogue, but not all wellness services are created equal. Volition Wellness Solutions stands out among the rest because of its integrated services and team approach to caring for the whole patient.

At Volition, different practitioners work together to support each patient. During clinical team meetings, cases are reviewed, and when appropriate, an integrated health plan is created. Most importantly, every evaluation starts with the individual and addresses the whole person, including family, career and community.

“Many patients come to us after having received these services at many different places,” said Robinson, Volition founder, executive director and owner. “We offer effective wellness solutions in one place, and, with our integrated approach, provide them to patients based on their clinical needs”

Robinson says many of Volition’s patients require the services of different practitioners because they present with a variety of diagnoses. Someone with fibromyalgia might also have depression. So, that patient might see a nutritionist, a counselor and an acupuncturist during a visit to Volition.

“Our patients appreciate the intimate setting at Volition,” added Wellness Director Pat Czeto. “We know our patients, and because of our special approach, they know everyone here, as well. It’s a very comfortable atmosphere.”

Volition Wellness Solutions services include acupuncture, counseling, Feldenkrais(r), life and wellness coaching, nutrition, personal training, reiki, trager and yoga. Robinson says while they all can be life-changing, acupuncture is growing in popularity because of the many issues it can positively impact: mood and depression, addictions, infertility and pain, including pain from autoimmune diseases such as lupus and fibromyalgia.

“Our reiki also is offering great results,” Czeto noted. “It’s a wonderful stress reducer, and has made quite a difference in those undergoing chemotherapy, other cancer treatments and stress-type diseases. All services offered at Volition are research-based and have been proven to be effective treatments, improving the lives of those with challenges.”

Volition welcomes the community to participate in wellness solutions through its workshops. On Sun., Jan. 25, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Volition is hosting “Art and Soul: Paint Your Heart Out.” It’s a special art retreat combining meditation, movement, painting and journaling for introspection and creativity as participants explore feelings and issues. The cost is $99 and includes lunch; space is limited to 12 participants.

“Body, Breath & Spirit: Breathwork and Nia” will be held Saturday., January 31, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. This special workshop combines movement, breathing and personal healing through breathwork and Nia (incorporating tai chi, jazz, modern dance, yoga, martial arts). This unique blend helps purge old anger, resentments and traumas. Space is limited to 15 participants; the cost is $99 and includes lunch.

“Volition is about bringing wellness back into people’s lives though our integrated team approach to caring for each patient,” Robinson said. “We have an outstanding group of practitioners waiting to help.”

More information about Volition Wellness Solutions and its January workshops may be obtained by calling 609-688-8300.

Volition Wellness Solutions. 842 State Road, Princeton. 609-688-8300.,

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