Non-profits are the lifeblood of the community, so it only makes sense they should have the resources to run an effective organization. VoiceNEXT makes it possible with affordable hosted PBX telephone systems.

VoiceNEXT’s customized solutions are reliable, high quality, and backed by unparalleled customer service. Organizations with as few as three people to 350 people benefit from HD voice, the most clear connection available.

“My personal philosophy is that helping others is the highest form of spiritual energy,” said CEO Gary Cooper. “VoiceNEXT does that by offering special pricing to non-profits. We also look for ways to be engaged, such as helping with donations and events to forward our non-profit customers’ missions.”

Cooper puts his philosophy in action on a personal level, as well. He and one of his Golden Retrievers, Maya, are a certified pet therapy team. They visit hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and the like trying to make those who are sick, challenged, or disabled feel just a bit better.

“That is the most important work that I do,” he added.

It’s that same sort of people-focus that makes VoiceNEXT tops in customer service. That important function is handled by a real person in the United States, live, 24/7/365.

“We’re out there to the rescue,” noted Chief Technology Officer and Vice President Mike Galkin, who co-founded VoiceNEXT with Cooper. “If someone has an issue, we go out and teach — there are no online tutorials or troubleshooting. We offer personalized, on-site customer service in the United States.”

The 12-year-old company has people in place to provide live phone support for the rest of its global customer base, too.

What also gives VoiceNEXT a leg-up is the significant disaster recovery systems in place. During Superstorm Sandy, their systems — and their customers — never missed a single call. The auto attendant was picking up, taking voice mails and sending those voice mails to e-mail regardless of whether the customer’s infrastructure was up and running during that devastating storm.

“We have multiple data centers with generators backing up generators; some have their own power stations,” Cooper said. “During a disaster, we just keep rerouting to keep business going.”

VoiceNEXT also has the scalability to grow with its customers. The pricing is great because it’s hosted in the cloud, so customers don’t have to buy a huge phone system, just the phones.

Both nonprofits and for-profits greatly benefit from VoiceNEXT solutions. Learn more at or speak to a live person at 888-369-NEXT (6398).

VoiceNEXT, 1070 Route 34, Matawan. 888-369-NEXT (6398).

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