You have seen the house you love and you have made a bid. The attorneys are talking, and everyone says you need to have the property inspected. What could be wrong? It looks perfect.

No matter how pristine a home looks, it’s what is unseen that can become a nightmare. Vitale Inspection Services, conveniently located in Hamilton, is there to end the worry. They serve all of New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania.

“When buying a home, it is vital that the prospective buyers be present at the home inspection so that they can see what we see and ask questions,” says owner Carlo Vitale. “It’s important to learn how your home works. What looks like wear and tear can hide a serious problem. For example, problems with stucco are far more widespread than most home owners realize. Often what appears to be a small crack or a stain around a window can be indicative of a far deeper problem. Many times, well-meaning contractors are not aware of the issues surrounding improper flashing of windows and consider small cracks and stains to be normal.”

Home inspections need to be extensive and thorough. The professionals at Vitale Inspection scrutinize structural issues as well as probe for pest damage, such as termites. Testing for radon is highly advisable. “Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer for non-smokers and the second leading cause of lung cancer in the general population,” Vitale says. “The Surgeon General and EPA recommend testing for radon and reducing radon in homes that have high levels. If you smoke and your home has high radon levels, your risk of lung cancer is especially high.”

Buyers are not the only consumers who benefit from a thorough home inspection. “If you are close to putting your home on the market, or are beginning to show it, have a pre-sale inspection for your own peace of mind,” counsels Vitale. “This will alert you to situations that would show up during the buyers’ inspection; things that will have to be remediated or figured into the final price. You have control of the repairs and their cost. With a professional inspection in hand, there are no surprises. The seller can provide copies to prospective buyers, giving them confidence that the home has been taken care of.”

For buyers of new construction, Vitale cautions, “A one-year builder’s warranty will expire usually within the first year after closing. This is the final opportunity to identify, document, and inform your builders of items that need repair or adjustment. All safety hazards, repairs, and adjustments should be professionally documented BEFORE your Builder is relieved of their responsibility. Educated homeowners stand a better chance of getting the builder to correct those items.”

Vitale Inspection Services handles both residential and commercial real estate. Their trained professionals inspect for lead, radon, termites, and stucco. Have Vitale Inspection Services on your homebuying team.

Vitale Inspection Services, 777 Route 33, Hamilton. 609-751-8048.

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