We all know the waiting game when it comes to visiting your doctor and other medical facilities.

Well, never wait again!


Virtual HealthCare of Hamilton is dedicated to providing concierge house call service, as well as independent home support, to those in need. This isn’t just a service for the elderly, but also busy professionals, parents with young children, those with compromised immune systems or limited mobility, and others.

The benefits are numerous, as Virtual HealthCare offers physicians who are able to provide an extensive, comprehensive healthcare program and a more personal relationship. All paperwork and insurance requirements are also handled at home. “Instead of being one of many thousand patients, an individual is one of a very limited number accepted by a participating doctor into this program,” says Dawn Wilno, executive vice president of Virtual HealthCare.

“Individuals are seen in their home, eliminating the need to travel to the doctor’s office, endure the long waits, the hurried visits, and the potential of being infected by other patients,” she adds.

The reasons for desiring such a service can include:

– Have difficulty getting to doctors’ office.

– Lack availability of local family support.

– Wish to eliminate waiting time and rushed visits.

– Want to limit your risk of exposure to illness in the doctor’s office.

– Desire for more comprehensive and personalized care.

– The desire to see your physician instead of being sent to the Emergency Room

– Wish to have 24/7 accessibility and priority appointments.

– For senior citizens, wanting to remain at home and not be moved to nursing or assisted living facility.

“Independent studies have proven that a combination of these concierge-type healthcare services to allow individuals to live comfortably at home measurably improves both health and quality of life,” says Wilno. And the benefits of such home care services are numerous, and can generally include:

– 24/7 physician access.

– Extensive annual physical exam.

– Same or next day appointments as required.

– Focused patient visits.

– Ancillary at home services, including podiatry, vision, lab work, etc.

– Electronic monitoring.

– Telemedicine services.

– Medical team care conferencing with patient, caregiver and family.

– Coordination of overall care.

If additional testing or ancillary care is needed outside of the home, Virtual HealthCare can arrange for transportation.

Above & Beyond: Independent Home Support Service

But what really makes Virtual HealthCare stand out from other concierge medical services is its Independent Home Support service. This service provides assistance with non-medical services such as meal assistance, home repairs, landscaping, housekeeping, bookkeeping, and more. Virtual HealthCare has an extensive list of pre-screened professionals, most of whom provide services for members at a reduced price. “Some of our clients just make a list of chores that need to be done, and once a month have someone in to help handle these things,” says Wilno.

“It can be anything from having a light bulb changed to replacing your roof,” she notes. “This is very helpful to those with limited mobility, while also allowing them to keep their independence.”

In short, Virtual HealthCare’s Concierge House Call Care Program provides you the highest possible level of healthcare available, while also focusing on improving your quality of life and reducing stress.

The waiting game is over!

Virtual Healthcare. 866-206-2866. www.virtualhc.com.

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