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Viocare Tracks Nutrition Online

Three years ago Rick Weiss had just one windows-based

tool for

researchers, called ProNutra. Without having to get outside

investment, he added more non web-based tools for both research and

clinical applications. A 1980 graduate of Carnegie Mellon with

master’s degrees from Princeton University, he has changed the company

name from Princeton Multimedia Technologies to Viocare and is about to

hire a sixth person. His client base now includes more than 40 major

research centers, such as the Mayo Clinic and Rockefeller University.

"Unlike HealthAtoZ, we are not providing content," says Weiss, "but

like HealthAtoZ we are tracking diet and physical activity as it

relates to such diseases as cardiovascular, diabetes, and obesity,"

says Weiss. His major focus is lifestyle behavior change, particularly

diet and physical activity. "One of our research tools, which has been

out since 1999, is to create custom menus for research patients and we

expect to develop a web version of that. We also focus on some unusual

areas that are grant funded."

On a pro bono basis for Princeton’s health department Weiss created, an effort to improve residents’ health. A

computer in the cafe of Wild Oats on Nassau Street encourages access

to the site. As part of this campaign a registered nurse offers health

screening to all comers on Saturdays, August 16 and August 30, from 9

to 11 a.m. at Wild Oats.

Weiss believes that successful healthcare sites will not be found on

the Web. "Tablets and handhelds may be a better tool. People don’t

live in front of a computer. You have to have multiple ways of dealing

with them."

Viocare Technologies Inc./Princeton Multimedia

Technologies, 145 Witherspoon Street, Princeton 08542. Rick

Weiss, president. 609-497-4600; fax, 609-497-0660. Home page:

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