Chef Salvatore Scarlata provides the historic main street of Lawrenceville with one of the best kept secrets in town. The family owned Vidalia Cucina con Passione features eclectic Northern and Southern Italian cuisine, which is infused with the freshest ingredients provided by reputable local New Jersey farmers as well as Chef Scarlata’s home grown herbs and spices.

Scarlata acquired his cooking skills in Italy and expounded upon his talents in the United States. After apprenticing in several five star restaurants and expanding upon his natural skill and ability, he was ready for a restaurant of his own. It has been six years since Salvatore took over Vidalia, and the overwhelming success of the restaurant can be attributed to the consistent good food, as well as an ever-changing menu of classic and inventive dishes.

In order to maintain a more personal meal out at Vidalia, Chef Salvatore makes a point to visit each table in order to ensure a positive and satisfactory eating experience. Vidalia’s quaint atmosphere and tasty Italian cuisine is fueled by Salvatore’s motto: Cucina con Passione. Vidalia Cucina con Passione truly emphasizes passion through Chef Salvatore’s’ phenomenal Italian cuisine, as well as through the alluring atmosphere that is Vidalia.

The Al Fresco Dining provides a warm and inviting atmosphere, which allows for a peaceful and enjoyable meal for friends and family or an intimate and romantic night out for you and your significant other. Whether stopping by for lunch with a friend or spending quality time with family under a beautifully lit canopy, eating at Vidalia will leave you feeling more than satisfied.

The main goal of Vidalia remains the same, which is to satisfy every guest in light of the trio motto: Perfect Atmosphere, Food & Service. All would agree that Vidalia Cucina con Passione does a fine job in meeting and maintaining their goal, as well as providing for new delicacies along the way. Eat at Vidalia, where good food and great friends make the perfect combination.

Vidalia Restaurant. 21 Phillips Avenue, Lawrenceville. 609-896-4444.

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