Now’s the time for mistletoe and holly, and holiday music and other events (see page 12 of this issue). It’s also a time of not enough time to even keep track of it all, and — in our case — not enough space to print it all in one weekly edition.

Partly because of the Thanksgiving weekend, we have been deluged with last-minute additions and changes to our weekly events calendar. Some did not make the final cut. The good news is that all of them are online at Visit our home page, click on today’s events (or tomorrow’s) and the day’s entire line-up appears on screen, complete with links to venue websites and to related stories that may have appeared in U.S. 1.

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#b#Homeless Update#/b#

I wanted to give everyone an update on our Miss H (U.S. 1, September 28). I wanted kind people who donated money to know where their money has gone. I took Miss H. to the Burlington Coat Factory and bought her a nice warm long coat, wool hat, gloves, and shoes. I also purchased hand warmers from eBay to keep her warm until she’s able to move into the hotel on December 1.

The fundraiser thus far has hit $3,050. The hotel charges $375 per week or $1,500 a month. I was able to convince them that if I paid for the full amount each month they would lower the rate to $1,000. The $3,050 will pay for December, January and February so we will need $3,000 more to get her through until the end of May. That is my goal! It was my error in thinking $3,000 would cover the whole winter. I’m just happy that I was able to get them to lower the rate $500 a month.

I have a case worker who may be able to get her an apartment. I am going to try to have this woman meet with Miss H and me. I will just introduce her as a friend. This takes away the surprise factor of people just showing up when she’s sitting outside and catching her off-guard.

This will not be the first time she’s been approached. She says no to things that mentally stable people would say yes to. What I am doing is working with what is needed in front of me. I cannot change her or make her do anything she is unwilling to do. Those are the facts.

I will be doing free chair massages for clients and ask for a small donation in return. Also Cutters Mill Pet Store in Princeton is going to let me set up a table when they have their 35 percent off sale. I am hopeful that all the wonderful people who donated so generously will keep her in their prayers and help me with her for winters to come.

Suzanne Newman

Mail checks payable to Suzanne Newman at 1330 Route 206, Suite 103-110, Village Shopper, Skillman 08558. A massage therapist (, Newman will provide references upon request: 609-683-1608.

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