For more than 80 years, United Way of Greater Mercer County (UWGMC) has been at the forefront of building a thriving community whereby all benefit. What UWGMC does best is bring together the resources of businesses, donors, volunteers, local nonprofits and civic organizations to address community challenges such as hunger, child literacy, financial stability, wellness and bullying.

The work of United Way of Greater Mercer County continues to grow and evolve to meet community needs. They are forward thinking, nimble and regularly do self-reflection which allows them to be more intentional and impactful in achieving their mission. UWGMC will expand its focus on financial stability because there is a rise in individuals and families working but finding it difficult to make ends meet. Unfortunately, families in these circumstances must make tough decisions regarding quality childcare, nutrition & health, education and housing.

During the past year, UWGMC has been on the ground helping Mercer County residents navigate the Federal Benefits process. This service is vital because it enables individuals and families to apply for SNAP (food stamps), health insurance and other resources. United Way of Greater Mercer County has partnered with Trenton Area Soup Kitchen, Arm In Arm and other nonprofits to deliver this service. This is one example of how UWGMC works — mobilizing partners to address an unmet need.

Another example is their Strike Out Hunger Initiative which includes a community meal packing event, advocacy campaign and financial support to local food pantries and programs. The impact of this initiative for 2018 includes more than 182,000 meals packed and distributed to Trenton, Hamilton, Hightstown and other towns in the county, more than 600 volunteers and 12 organizations funded.

United Way of Greater Mercer County is truly unique. No other organization has the history of uniting various sectors in the community to ensure that everyone in Mercer County has access to the basics: resources to be financially independent, fostering student success, a place to live, adequate medical care and enough to eat. They pride themselves in being effective, efficient and judiciously investing financial contributions.

They are creating a future built on history. UWGMC invites the community to learn what is new and get involved. Join the LIVE UNITED movement! For more information or to make a tax-deductible donation please visit: or call 609-896-1912.

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