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U.S. 1 Directory Categories

The 2000 U.S. 1 Business Directory includes more than 5,600

businesses in greater Princeton, New Brunswick, and Trenton. This area

covers the 609, 732, and 908 area codes. The book version of this

directory has more information about each firm, including complete

mailing address, description of the business, number of employees,

annual revenues, and contact names.

Businesses are organized into 30 major categories and 206


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Architecture: not those who do only urban planning or another


Landscape Architecture: not landscapers.

Architectural Services: urban planners, historical experts, any

other specialty — not those who draw building plans.

Construction: builders, contractors, home remodelers.

Office Interiors: interior designers (some retail furniture).

Cabinetmakers: for home or office.

Landscaping: tree, lawn services, some nurseries.

Maintenance: janitorial.


Security: includes armored cars, locksmiths, alarm systems.

Building Supplies: Not electrical, flooring, hvac, plumbing,

paint, decorating, or for carpenters — miscellaneous.

Electrical Supplies: electrical supply stores, mostly wholesale.

Carpet and Tile Supplies: flooring — carpet and tile, mostly


HVAC/Plumbing Supplies: HVAC and plumbing supplies, mostly


Lumberyards: lumberyards, some with hardware supplies.

Paint and Decorating Supplies: paint stores, some retail.

Building Trades: carpenters, glaziers, roofers, machine shops,

etc., but not plumbers, HVAC, electricians, or painters, or

manufacturers of a product.


Plumbing and HVAC.


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Ad Agencies: full service ad agency (may have public relations


Publishers’ Reps: people who contract to sell ads for


AV & Multimedia: creators of slide shows, video presentations,

multi-media, etc., not equipment rental.

Editorial Services: writers, editors.

Event Planning: party & event planning, not providers of AV


Event Services and Agents: agents, performers, other

event-related services not involved in planning.

AV Equipment and Services: AV equipment rental firms, not those

who plan the events or trade shows, not those who make displays. Also

see Event Services and Acts and Trade Show Services.

Graphic Arts: design shops that can do desktop publishing (Also

see Computer DTP).

Bookbinders: shops that specialize in bookbinding.

Signmakers: design shops that specialize in signmaking.

Market Research: marketing consultants.

Competitive Intelligence: business researchers, business

information, also private eyes.

Marketing: marketing firms (versus sales, direct mail/phone).

Direct Marketing: coupon mailers, telephone soliciting, catalog


Media: newspapers, magazines, radio, TV — everything but book

publishers and coupon distributors.

Medical Publications.

Photography: picture takers, still or video.

Public Relations: primarily PR (versus ad agency or lobbyists).

Public Affairs: political lobbyists; not ordinary PR firms.

Booksellers: retail books, other booksellers.

Publishing: publishing houses (but not printers, quarterlies, or

book stores).

Internet Publishing: Publishers of web pages, online services,

online catalogs, not those who construct web pages or ISPs. Also see

Electronic Commerce.

Speech Coaching: speech trainers, voice therapists.

Trade Show Services: makers of convention & trade show displays

& equipment.

Translation: translation services.

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Computer Consultants: general computer consultants, jacks of all


Desktop Publishing Services: desktop publishing service bureaus,

experts versus cama graphic artists.

Computer Hardware: hardware manufacturing and distribution (not

R & D in computers).

Internet Consultants: Internet consultants and home page

designers and programmers.

Electronic Commerce: E-commerce companies — companies that are

doing it, not providing it for others. For 2000 this category will

have a varied assortment of business types.

Internet Service Providers: companies that handle the phone


Computer Leasing: leasing of PCs, etc.

Multimedia Development: advanced multimedia, r&d computer

developers and programmers, not the artistic guys who use this stuff

to create sound & light shows, etc.

Computer Networks: networking specialists.

Computer Sales: stores to buy computers & gear.

Value Added Resellers: almost like retailers, except they have

no storefront, and sell mostly business to business.

Computer Repair: primarily service (versus sales).

Software Development: software r&d and programmers of original

languages (people who help you install and run off-the shelf software

are Computer Consultants or Software Services).

Software Services: those who adapt existing services to your

needs, not those who develop original software. Also see Computer


Data & Record Storage: not to be confused with physical storage

places like mini-warehouses for furniture, etc.

Computer Training: computer trainers and schools (versus adult


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Corporate Gifts

T-shirts, premium items, incentives, specialty

gifts, etc.

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Arts Organization

Arts Organizations: limited to those with actual business

offices, as opposed to groups that operate out of members’ homes.

Cultural Centers.

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Engineering: any kind of engineers, including mechanical,

electrical, design engineers — not HVAC unless they are only

designing it.

Surveyors & Engineers: these guys often do construction

engineering, as well, but they emphasize the surveying.

Environmental Advocates.

Environmental Engineering: general purpose environmental

engineers, not primarily R&D or testers.

Environmental R&D and Consulting: environmental researchers and


Disposal & Recycling: recycling picker-uppers.

Environmental Remediation: fixer-uppers.

Environmental Testing: environmental testers.

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Accounting: accountants (versus planners).

Banking: and savings and loans and credit unions.

Back Offices: data processing and clearing offices of large


Private Banking: private banks and trust companies.

Charge Cards.

Financial Services & Collections: credit counselors, and

collection companies.

Commodities Trading: commodities traders.

Factoring & Asset Based Lending: people who buy accounts


Financial Information: general financial information and market

analysts — generating information.

Insurance: insurance salespeople — the retail salespeople.

Reinsurance: reinsurers.

Insurance Services: services to the industry: adjustors,

actuaries, not reinsurers.

Investment Banking: investment bankers, also merger &

acquisition dealmakers.

Financial Planning: financial analysts and planners (versus

accountants, stockbrokers).

Private Investments: investment advisors not open to the public

(versus planners), usually hired by wealthy people or institutions.

Stockbrokers: full service retail stock brokers (versus planners

or private).

Investment Services: advisers and consultants to underwriters,

brokerage houses, etc.

Private Investors: people who manage family investments.

Leasing Services: auto and equipment leasing.

Mortgage & Lending: mortgage brokers & lending firms.

Payroll Services: and employee leasing firms.

Venture Capital: venture capitalists.

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Food Services & Products.

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Foreign Trade

Foreign Trade: foreign trade importers and exporters,

consultants are a subcategory of management consultants.

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Foundations: foundations that give money away.

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County Government.

Federal Government.

Municipal Government: municipalities.

State Government.

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Medical Centers: in addition to hospitals, also clinics,

birthing centers, nursing homes, etc.

Medical Labs.

Nursing Services.

Elder Care. Nursing homes and also elder care counselors.

Medical Products: not surgical supplies but products for

hospitals, could include skin products and medical devices.

Healthcare Industry Services: services to healthcare

professionals – billing, research, not strategies.

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Hotels and Lodging

Lodging: also includes some bed & breakfasts.

Bed & Breakfast.

Conference Center: not a regular, full-service hotel; a place

where you can go only if you are in a group.

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Law: law firms.

Specialty Law Firms: law firms which do not have a general

practice but focus on business, intellectual property, litigation,


Law Services.

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Information Services: library services, corporate libraries.

Also see Competitive Intelligence.

Libraries: public, school, college libraries.

Management Consultants: consultants (all but computer, sales,

foreign trade, health, training, logistics, technical, and


Trade Consultants: almost everything in the foreign trade area

except importers and exporters.

Healthcare Consultants: strategies and policies for healthcare

industry and health professionals. Not specific services (Healthcare

Industry Services).

Logistics & Transportation: those who plan moves, monitor

transportation, and more.

Personnel Consultants: benefit plan devising, testing,

screening, also see personnel category for job counseling.

Technical Consultants: those who serve researchers, not computer

or software consultants.

Management Training: training schools & consultants, often the

subject is sales, but also motivators and testers.

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Administrative Offices: administrative offices, usually for

manufacturers at another location, but not sales offices.

Chemical Manufacturing: chemicals made here, also see Chemical


Industrial Manufacturing: something made at this site — not

drugs or chemicals or clothing.

Apparel: any non-retail clothing business.

High Tech Manufacturing: makers of test equipment, advanced

tools, etc.

Warehouses & Distribution: storage and distribution.

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Answering Services: answering services.

Office Equipment: sales of machinery, not computers, not

primarily paper and supplies. For furniture see Office Interiors.

Mailing Services: little retailers and big direct mail houses.

Post Offices: outposts of the U.S.P.S.;

Shared Offices: shared office spaces.

Office Supplies: sales of paper and office supplies, not

furniture or equipment.

Office Support: secretarial word processing and data base


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Personnel/Human Resources

Employment Agencies: go here to get an actual job, not a career


Career Counseling: people you hire to help you choose a career

or plot a job search. Also see Personnel Consultants for services to

the industry.

Employee Leasing: companies that become employers of record for

your employees.

Outplacement: employer-paid help for laid-off workers.

Executive Search: headhunting: they come get you for a job.

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Pharmaceutical Offices: not manufacturing plants or

laboratories, but office workers, any except dedicated sales offices.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: manufacturing plants, not

primarily R&D.

Pharmaceutical R&D: laboratories not engaged in biotech methods,

also laboratories of larger companies.

Pharmaceutical Sales: sales offices, not headquarters.

Pharmaceutical Services: sales, advertising, ingredient

suppliers, other support for pharmaceuticals, but not contract

research organizations (CROs).

Pharmaceutical Research Services: contract research

organizations (CROs) and others who support the pharmaceutical R&D


Pharmaceutical Distribution: distributors.

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Printing and Copying: big and little printers (including copy


Printing Services: sales only, no on-site plant.

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Research & Development

R&D: pure research in any field other than computers,

electronics, chemistry, biotech, and social & economic, eg biomedical,

aero, physical.

Biotechnology R&D: not medical instruments, could be any small

R&D company. Also see Medical Products and High Tech Manufacturing.

Chemical R&D.

Computer & Electronic R&D: Also see Telecommunications and High

Tech Manufacturing.

Medical Device Research: not to be confused with bio tech or

drug research — this is for anything else, mostly diagnostic

equipment and instruments.

Social & Economic Research: not to be confused with market


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Real Estate


Commercial Real Estate: business realtors. Also see Real Estate

Developers, Office Centers, and Commercial Property Management.

Real Estate Development: developers — including those who also

manage their properties and those who give advice. Also see Office


Commercial Property Management: commercial property management

firms. Also see Office Centers.

Residential Management: leasing private homes.

Office Centers: office complexes & buildings. Also see Real

Estate Developers.

Residential Real Estate: mostly house selling.

Title Search: title companies.

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Sales Offices: sales offices, product manufactured elsewhere

(not financial or insurance or pharmaceutical sales or foreign trade).

Manufacturers’ Reps: manufacturers’ reps (not branch offices of

a firm).

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Adult Schools: trade, night schools (versus computer or sales

schools or colleges).


Colleges and Universities: real colleges.

Private Schools: parochial and preparatory schools plus after

school lessons, but not tutoring businesses.

Public Schools.

Educational Services: ETS, counseling for college & grad

schools, etc., also see Electronic Commerce for those doing on-line


Tutoring: not to be confused with Sales Training, Computer

Training, or after school activities in Private Schools.

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Social Services

Advocacy Groups: Public Interest Research Group, for example, or

Coalition for Children’s Justice; environmental groups have separate


Social Services: mostly non-profits, including health and

educational organizations.

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Telecommunications: satellites, fiber optic networks, digital

"highways," major phone companies.

Telecom Equipment: phone sellers.

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Trade Groups

Business Associations: general business advocacy organizations.

Communications Groups: communications trade groups of all types.

Chambers of Commerce.

Computer Groups.

Engineering Associations.

Builders’ Associations: construction and road engineers, doing

physical work.

Financial Associations.

Women’s Networking: ladies used to put in order just before

Leads groups.

Legal Associations.

Leads Clubs: networking groups usually with limited membership;

aimed at cross section of business owners; not for job hunting.

Medical Associations.

Public/Private Partnerships: quasi non-governmental

organizations, mostly non-profits, with business and government mostly


Science Associations.

Service Associations: Lions, Rotary, Jaycees.

Trade Unions: organized labor groups.

Entrepreneurs Groups.

Public Sector Groups: for those who work in government jobs.

Healthcare Groups: nursing and health care workers, not medical

or science.

Hospitality Groups.

Job Development Groups.

Technology Groups: chambers devoted to technology.

Association Administrators: professional administrators of trade


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Aviation: airlines, airports.

Delivery: messengers, other delivery.

Ground Transportation: any on the road vehicle, also trains.

Moving: moving vans.

Storage: storage parks.

Travel: travel agents.

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Utilities: electric, gas, water, phone.

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