Klezmer music

fills my car

through Bluetooth.

Raucous dancing rhythms

propel me down Route 1

faster than the speed limit

to avoid red lights.

The clarinet’s whoops and wails

perk up my search

for a place to park.

Then in form-fitting

lycra apparel,

still building muscles

despite my age,

I dash to a class

at the fitness center

and leave behind

the images of an old

Eastern European order,

when the throng

of fur-hatted men

in long black coats

danced with locked arms

in frenzied circles

to the same tunes

and behind a curtain

the women huddled around

a seated shy bride

in white dress and veil


for her groom.

Elane Gutterman, a health researcher, is a founding board member and current board president of the West Windsor Arts Council. She has been writing poetry for about 10 years. She lives with her husband in West Windsor.

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