Mercer County students now have a Tutoring Club, offering unique methods and a guarantee to raise each participating child’s academic level in less time and at a lower cost than any other competing program. Tutoring Club teaches children to become successful learners.

All Kids Benefit For years, tutoring was seen as something for children who struggle academically. Now, however, that perception has changed and enrollments in tutoring programs have skyrocketed. The concept is to help students hone in on their skills much like they do when they attend basketball or soccer camp to approve his or her playing ability. Tutoring Club’s mission is to reduce stress and build confidence by starting students at a level they can handle and then progressing through grade levels as rapidly as they can. Its programs help each child, from elementary grades through high school, learn better study skills and gain self-esteem. In addition, Tutoring Club’s unique reward system provides motivation for each student to succeed.

Leader in Curriculum Using the exclusive TutorAid Curriculum, the most advanced in tutoring, Tutoring Club maintains a low student-to-tutor ratio and provides qualified instructors, committed to each child’s success. The club pinpoints problems and corrects them, motivates each student to keep trying and confers with parents and classroom teachers to keep them aware of the student’s progress.

Among tutoring Club’s offerings: RX Reading provides practice in basic language and reading skills. Amazing Math allows students to build the foundations they need for better comprehension and advancement. The Write Way covers sentence structure, grammar, punctuation and spelling. TutorUp provides individual instruction for science, foreign languages and every math level.

SAT Preparation & Study Skills Tutoring Club’s methodology lends itself perfectly to SAT preparedness. When students enroll at Tutoring club, they are given a diagnostic exam to determine areas of weakness in particular skills; which areas are matched to the test sections. The resulting curriculum is then tailored to address these problem areas, turning them into strengths. The result is significantly higher scores.

Marc L. Perlman, owner and director of Tutoring Club of West Windsor says “The thing that impressed me the most about Tutoring Club is the uniqueness of their programs. Each program is customized to meet the needs of the individual student.” “I was further impressed with Tutoring Club’s on-going commitment towards strengthening their position in the tutoring industry.”

With over thirty five years in the field of finance, Perlman’s desire to go out on his own grew as time went on. Perlman believes that his business and management experience coupled with leadership and people skills he acquired from his many years of volunteer work, will greatly assist him as he takes on this new role. His passion for education and the ability to help school age children improve their skills and shape their future is a major force propelling him towards success. Perlman believes he has all the right ingredients that will make his Tutoring Club a winner for himself and his community. He looks forward to serving West Windsor and surrounding areas.

Tutoring Club, 335 Princeton Hightstown Road, Suite 6, West Windsor. 609-750-0044. Fax: 609-799-0043. Email:

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