Your smile alone brightens the room." When was the last time someone said that to you? Have you ever wanted teeth as white as your neighbor or that woman you saw the other day, or the man sitting next to you on the train? Well stop wishing and come experience LUMIBRITE, the breakthrough one-hour whitening procedure proven to whiten your teeth by almost nine shades. Rane’s Exclusively Yours Dental, a dental boutique just for you, is a certified center for LUMIBRITE, giving dozens of individuals a whiter smile every week. Most of you already know that we are conveniently located in the Plainsboro Plaza Shopping Center beside Dunkin’ Donuts, with a state-of-the-art facility providing dental care for children, adults, and seniors. But today we are going to talk about improving your greatest asset, your smile!

Whiter teeth in about one hour. It’s really that simple. Years of yellowing and staining from coffee, tea, red wine, cola, and smoking are almost magically erased in the time it takes to get a haircut, a manicure, or lunch. A licensed dentist and trained professionals perform the procedure in our office. A "Before" picture is taken of your teeth, your gums are isolated, and the whitening gel is applied on your teeth and activated by the Sapphire light while you relax or enjoy a movie. After about an hour, your whitening is completed and an "After" picture is taken. You rinse. You smile. Wow!

Not only has LUMIBRITE improved smiles by taking away food and smoke stains, but unlike other popular whitening systems, it does not expose patients to harmful UV rays and thus does not require protective sunscreen or face masks. If you don’t believe us come see before and after pictures of our patients whose lives have miraculously changed with LUMIBRITE.

LUMIBRITE has been proven to safely whiten your teeth through clinical research. No trays, no strips, no doing anything at home. The results last for years with proper care and maintenance. No “store-bought” methods give you that type of longevity.

Why is whitening your teeth so important? For one, stains are a reflection of poor oral hygiene. Secondly, surveys show that 80 percent of people in America believe, a whiter, brighter smile boosts your self-confidence and image, adding to social and career success. These same people are not willing to give up their tooth staining items like coffee, soda, and cigarets, so whitening becomes important. Thousands of satisfied patients have already had their teeth whitened by LUMIBRITE. As the New Year begins, now’s the perfect time for you to do it too. It’s fast, it’s effective, and the results are simply amazing. The process lasts just about an hour; the reward is long lasting, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Call for a free before and after simulation of how you would look with whiter teeth today! Looking good has never been this easy!

Apart from whitening Rane’s Dental offices together with our three general dentists, Dr. Janhavi Rane, Dr. Pradeep Sukumar, and Dr. Hyeshik Lee; their orthodontist, Dr. John Cuozzo, their periodontists, Dr. Robert Conti and Dr. Michael Strassberg, and anesthesiologist, Dr. Glen Atlas, provide all types of dental treatments for children, adults, and seniors in a high-tech, classy, and comfortable environment participating in most of the major dental insurances.

Rane’s Exclusively Yours Dental, Plainsboro Shopping Center (Beside Super Fresh and Dunkin’ Donuts), 10 Schalks Crossing Road, Plainsboro. 609-275 1777.

Rane’s Dental Aesthetics (A Dental Specialty Extension), New Plainsboro Village (Beside 1st Constitution Bank), 11 Schalks Crossing Road, Plainsboro. 609-750 1666.

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