Her tail flicks expectantly

as she watches the ground for a reappearance of the sparrow.

“It’s up there,” I tell her, and point to the feeder just outside the open window,

well within reach of her lazy claws.

She turns to stare at me with trusting, uncomprehending, well-fed curiosity.

“There!” I repeat, pointing helplessly at the bird who is almost taunting her.

But her eyes remain locked on me.

“A wild cat would never make that mistake, you ninny,” I say affectionately.

“It would keep its eyes on breakfast, though I offered it the secret of eternal life.”

She blinks at me as the sparrow flies off behind her.

I sigh and go back to pouring a can of chicken-and-rice cat food into a dish,

and she returns to her post, watching the ground.

Cohen is an IT business analyst at a small government contractor. She lives in Belle Mead with her family, cat, hamster and fish (none of whom attempt to eat each other).

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