Trinity Counseling Service, which for over 44 years has provided comprehensive and compassionate care to the greater Princeton area, has begun two new services. TCS is now offering counseling to those who have lost a spouse, parent or child, and also to those whose own health is suffering under the weight of caring for someone they love.

When asked about bereavement counseling, Peter K. Stimpson, Director of TCS, said: “Imagine going from countless hours of caring for someone you love to a house that is now empty and lonely. Your spouse knew your history: your parents, your dreams and aspirations, your successes and failures. How do you cope in the wake of such a loss? We want to be there to comfort a person and help them cope.” This program will also help those who are coping with the death of a parent or child.

The other program offers help to those dealing with a loved one suffering from a chronic, debilitating illness such as ALS, Alzheimer’s, cancer, or a stroke. Father Stimpson said that “people often ask about the person who is ill, but forget about the weight on the shoulders of the caregiver. They are becoming increasingly exhausted trying to do all that must be done, and frustrated in often watching the life of someone they treasure slip through their fingers. So our goal is to help the helper.”

Heading the programs is Dr. Caryn Kennelly, who received her doctorate in clinical psychology from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale in 1997 with a concentration on geriatrics and behavioral medicine. She has worked with the elderly in centers in Fort Lauderdale, Baltimore, Colorado Springs, New York, and in her private practice in Princeton.

These programs have been created and supported with generous funding from the Sally Foss & James Scott Hill Foundation. Sally and Jim are longstanding supporters of Trinity Counseling Service.

Trinity Counseling Service, 22 Stockton Street, Princeton. 609-924-0060.

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