There are nights I come still

to Trenton

To write, to listen, to play,

A few blocks from where I used to pray

Amongst the carpenters and lawyers

The shopkeepers and dentists,

The white collar conjurors

The blue collar crafters, sabbath-welcoming

Jews all of us

We had a slow courtship ——

When all you drink is Manischewitz wine

That can take quite some time

Finally, at the end of the thirteenth full moon

We took off from Greenwood Avenue

And on to Route 29

To that place of ample spirit, song and dance —


Which is where we kissed—

The two of us in your pickup truck

Driving hard

Before the prayers would catch us up

Many of the pieces from Greenwood Ave

Have now been packed up, have Now been hauled away

The eternal light, the drapes from the ark

But they did not pack

All the Goldmans. Eisners and Littmans,

the glass

Stained a half century ago

Then engraved with such thoughtful

and generous

Impermanence —

Aronowitz spends her days writing about gift planning for Princeton University’s alumni and friends. She is a poet and a playwright who is a member of the Stage One Playwright’s Unit at Passage Theatre in Trenton. Her most recent work for Passage was “Master of the Universe,” inspired by the Kinks’ “Lola.”

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