The red light traffic camera program in Lawrence Township has been suspended until the cameras can be properly certified.

The light — installed at the intersection of Franklin Corner and Bakers Basin roads — is one of 63 locations suspended by the state because they may not have been properly certified. There are a total of 85 cameras taking part in the pilot program in 21 towns.

Tickets will not be issued at those 63 locations until it is determined whether the cameras are in compliance with the law, the state Department of Transportation said on June 29. According to officials, the cameras must be calibrated to allow drivers enough time to get through the intersection based on the speed limit of the road.

Standards call for the municipality to study the speed that cars approach the intersection before a determination is made about the length of the yellow light. They must also take into account the speed at which 85 percent of the drivers travel through the intersection. For 63 of the 85 cameras, the speeds had not been determined before the towns received approval to install the cameras.

According to a press release by the township, Lawrence municipal Judge Kevin P. Nerwinski stayed all action in the court’s processing of traffic tickets issued as a result of the red light camera program effective June 21.

In addition to adjourning cases now scheduled for court, all checks submitted to the court for payment of those tickets will not be negotiated (but held) if received on or after June 21 until the state makes a determination as to whether the red light camera is certified as compliant with state law. Refunds for previously paid tickets will not be made during the hold period pending the final outcome of the compliance review, said the release.

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