Old Trenton Road will be closed between Edinburg and Windsor roads starting Monday, July 15, while Mercer County conducts a five-month bridge replacement project. The West Windsor engineering division is predicting “considerable delays” because of the project.

Travelers on the heavily trafficked road will face a long and winding detour. The detour will take westbound travelers over Windsor Road to Route 33/130, to Route 33, to Edinburg-Robbinsville Road. Those driving east will go the opposite direction over the same route. The detour route is 8.3 miles long, while the section being blocked off is about a fifth of a mile.

The township said in a press release that the project was necessary because of the poor condition of the bridge, and that for environmental reasons, the project could not be carried out between May 1 and June 30.

The new, widened two-lane bridge will have shoulders, a center turn slot and sidewalks, and a traffic light at the intersection of Old Trenton and Edinburg-Robbinsville roads, with new left turn lanes designed to reduce traffic congestion.

Commuters can expect the bridge closure to cause heavy delays. As is, a traffic analysis conducted in 2005 showed the intersection of Old Trenton and Edinburg-Windsor roads operating at what traffic planners call “level of service F.” As one might guess, the “F” designation means the intersection is performing poorly, with cars waiting an average of two minutes to pass through the light.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, however, since the completed project is expected to cut the wait down to about 30 seconds at rush hour due to the addition of left turn lanes.

Some residents are comparing the closure of the Old Trenton Road bridge to that of the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles in 2011, which Angelenos dubbed “Carmageddon” for the apocalyptic level of traffic jams it was expected to cause.

For more information, contact the West Windsor Township Engineering Division at 609-799-9396 or visit www.westwindsornj.org.

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