Retrieving a dropped object off the floor: This requires the body to bend, allowing hands to reach the floor. If the item is flat and small necessitating a little time to get a handle on the item we are in trouble — deep trouble. A familiar pain hits our back and an imbalance finds us next to the fallen object. However, as long as we are down on our “fours” why not scour the area for missing items.

Parking: Judging distance when parking the car is like threading a needle when the space is large enough to park a Mack Truck. I am thankful if a space can be occupied by driving forward.

Climbing stairs: A railing is the first requisite before advancing. I used to climb two steps at a time; now one step is an accomplishment. Unfortunately balance and confidence are at a low ebb, I appreciate every available assistance.

Cutting toe nails: This “special nemesis” is frustrating. A maneuvering skill is required to position the clipper on the nail rather than the toe. The big toe is easy to reach but the remaining four are more difficult to reach due to an extended mid-section and vulnerable to a “shaky” hand. However, a 2-minute operation is extended to 10 minutes of apprehension — then success. WHEW.

P.S. If my muscles were as tough as my toe nails, I would qualify for the N.F.L. After running an ice cream business in Trenton for 50 years, Opalski is now retired in West Windsor.

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