Home is the greatest place on earth, but keeping it all running smoothly can be tough. There are repairs to make, updates to do, yards to maintain …

Finding the right professional to help you can be tough, too, especially if you’ve never used one before. You wonder: Will this plumber charge too much? Is this handyman really qualified?

Take the worry out of maintaining your home with Total Home Manager, a complete home repair, maintenance, and management company and single-source solution for all your home needs. Whether the job is large or small, THM will get it done, and done right the first time, professionally and easily.

Total Home Manager manages a network of top-notch, trusted professionals in all fields of home repair, maintenance, and service. Need painting? We got you covered. Handyman and carpentry? Covered. Carpet cleaning or floor refinishing? You bet. We can also help you with landscaping and snow removal, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical, roofing, gutters, and chimney ‒‒ you name it, we know just the right professionals for the job. And we can give your home a thorough look-over to help you determine what kinds of repairs you’ll need to plan for, like the new roof you may need in five years or the exterior paint job you’ll need in three.

Total Home Manager was founded by Jim Baxter, a 30-year construction industry professional and president of Baxter Construction in Hopewell, and Ray Disch, a broker with Callaway Henderson Sotheby’s in Princeton. Together they have built a trusted network of top ‒‒ and fully licensed and insured‒‒ professionals just right for any job. Their mission is to provide the best service at a fair price, without you having to sift through listings of contractors, dealing with bids, or hoping the professional really knows what to do.

And THM makes sure the professional coming to your home sets a specific time for the call. No more having to take a whole day off work to wait for someone who might be there any time between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., and no more worrying about contractors who just won’t show up at all ‒‒ THM will make sure someone is there, on time, every time.

Total Home Manager also strives to build relationships with homeowners, not just manage one-time repairs, though it does offer one-time handyman service calls and projects. THM members may choose Gold- or Silver-level services, which puts homeowners in touch 24/7. Members can schedule visits and check-ups, call for repairs, or call for emergency services in the middle of the night, when the heater goes out or a pipe breaks in the basement, all by dialing one number and knowing the right professional is on the way.

Total Home Manager’s services are ideal for busy professionals, singles, older residents, and anyone who wants the peace of mind of knowing they’re covered around the house, any time of the day, any day of the year. Call Total Home Manager today at 609-466-3355, or visit www.TotalHomeManager.com to see how we can help keep your home the greatest place on earth.

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