Functional design is like anything else; it can fall prey to trendiness. The color of the moment or the use of certain materials that are popular can all add up to a room that looks wonderful but becomes dated quickly. Lisa Tobias, designer and owner of Tobias Design, LLC, on West Broad Street in Hopewell advises, “In general, trends take about five years to work though the culture. What is au courant today can easily be ‘yesterday’s news’ in short order. We all know the reaction to seeing harvest gold appliances in a kitchen or pink and white tiles in a bath. You can peg the date of the last renovation by the style.”

“Redoing or building a kitchen or bath is a big undertaking both in terms of time and money. We urge our clients to create a timeless look. You can design a kitchen that doesn’t age if you are willing to take a bit of risk. Adding an unexpected touch can keep the style fresh. You can balance unique style and traditional choices.”

Tobias stresses, “Decor that reflects the personal taste and interests can enliven the design. One client focused her kitchen around the antiques and unique finds she had collected over the years. Another juxtaposed sleek stainless steel with wicker and Gothic arches to create an eclectic room whose focal point is a seafoam green Bluestar range. Solutions to form and function are limited only by the imagination, creating the opportunity for fresh, unexpected looks that pop with innovation.”

“Materials that are built to last are important. Focus on quality and refinement over trendy gimmicks that date your home. Even cosmetic changes to a bath or kitchen enhance the eye appeal of your home.”

Lisa Tobias founded her company in 2005 after pursuing a career as an actuarial consultant in New York. “I started my business as a natural avenue to pursue given my work history and my passions. Our philosophy has always been to provide a comprehensive, but pleasant experience for the homeowner. Remodeling a kitchen or bath can be, to put it mildly, a daunting process. Renovation and complete redesigns can be stressful situations but we provide a project-management approach so that the process is efficient and the result is a beautiful fit for your style.”

Tobias urges homeowners to redesign and upgrade while they are living there and can enjoy it instead waiting for the time they consider selling the house. “You know what you want; you put in so much effort to enhance your home’s value but then, poof, the house is sold and you don’t get the chance to enjoy your dream room yourself. Whether the renovation is for yourself or to improve the look of the home for a potential buyer, aim for substance. People recognize quality and a quick fix can be ultimately detrimental.”

Tobias Design prides itself on being knowledgeable about the most sophisticated technology that is now a vital part of home design. Tobias says, “The wired home is key to efficiency and sometimes even safety. Technology can offer simple solutions to ecologically sound living.”

Tobias Design LLC strives to find custom ways to realize your dream. Make an appointment to see the wide range of options that are available.

Tobias Design, 48 West Broad Street, Hopewell. 609-466-1445.

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