Homeowners know the dilemma of wanting their homes to be a bright reflection of personal style and wanting the house to be attractive to a potential purchaser. This pull is strongest when it is time to renovate. Lisa Tobias, designer and owner of Tobias Design, LLC, on West Broad Street in Hopewell advises, “You should balance between your unique style and so-called safe bets. With creative thinking, you can have style that is attractive to almost every eye. You can have your dream kitchen, for example, that also increases the value of your home.”

Tobias stresses: “Predictable designs are easily replicated. Materials tend to be of lesser quality and the result is a cookie cutter look. Every kitchen or bath must have basic appliances and accoutrements, but customized solutions to form and function are limited only by the imagination, creating the opportunity for fresh, unexpected looks that pop with innovation.”

“Quality materials that are built to last are important. Focus on quality and refinement over trendy gimmicks that date your home. Even cosmetic changes to a bath or kitchen enhance the eye appeal of your home but make sure the materials are a quality you can afford.”

Lisa Tobias founded her company in 2005 after pursuing a career as an actuarial consultant in New York. “I started my business as a natural avenue to pursue given my work history and my passions.”

For the third consecutive year, Tobias Design has won the “Best of Customer Service” award on Houzz, the leading platform for home remodeling and design. The award is voted by industry professionals, home building, remodeling, and design enthusiasts that comprise the Houzz community. “We are privileged to be recognized again by the Houzz community,” states Tobias. “Our philosophy has always been to provide a comprehensive but pleasant experience for the homeowner. Remodeling a kitchen or bath can be, to put it mildly, a daunting process. Renovation and complete redesigns can be stressful situations but we provide a project-management approach so that the process is efficient and the result is a beautiful fit for your style.”

Tobias urges homeowners to redesign and upgrade while they are living there and can enjoy it instead waiting for the time they consider selling the house. “You know what you want; you put in so much effort to enhance your home’s value but then, poof, the house is sold and you don’t get the chance to enjoy your dream room yourself. Whether the renovation is for yourself or to improve the look of the home for a potential buyer, aim for substance. People recognize quality and a quick fix can be ultimately detrimental.”

When planning your room, Tobias urges, “Do not hesitate to explore new layouts or materials. For example, open shelving or cupboards fronted with glass opens up space and blends with cabinets. Color and light can transform space all by themselves. Every idea should be explored. The entire staff at Tobias Design prides itself on finding custom ways to realize your dream.”

Tobias Design, 48 West Broad Street, Hopewell. 609-466-1445. www.tobiasdesignllc.com.

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