The renovated kitchen at a Princeton home.

Times are changing. So too are family life and entertaining trends. Gone are the days of formal sit-down dinners and houses with rooms segregated by function. Today’s family wants to enjoy multi-use space without walls dividing their activities. Open plan designs mean the focal point of the home is the kitchen flowing into family room and living area.

Lisa Tobias, designer and owner of Tobias Design, LLC, on West Broad Street in Hopewell advises, “Home owners want space where friends can gather, the kids can play together while the adults relax informally. Everyone can be together. Space grows outward from the kitchen which is the heart of the home.”

“Less is more when it comes to open design. The chopped-up look of older homes can be eliminated by removing dividing walls, creating a spacious feeling that is inclusive rather than exclusive.”

Tobias stresses, “Clients live faster paced lives and mornings mean meals on the go. Breakfast counters become the launching pads for the day’s activities and fast get-away. But later, families want to gather at the table to unwind. Open plans allow for activity specific space rather than room specific use. The home can balance the quality of life; informality with a faster paced schedule.”

Tobias observes,“People now want simpler materials that don’t require fussy upkeep and they prefer functional styles such as white shaker cabinetry and countertops that have do not require high maintenance. Manmade quartz based materials have a calmer look and are more durable.”

Lisa Tobias founded her company in 2005 after pursuing a career as an actuarial consultant in New York. “I started my business as a natural avenue to pursue given my work history and my passions. Our philosophy has always been to provide a comprehensive, but pleasant experience for the homeowner. Remodeling a home can be, to put it mildly, a daunting process. Renovation and complete redesigns can be stressful situations but we provide a project-management approach so that the process is efficient and the result is a beautiful fit for your style.”

Tobias urges homeowners to look at the whole house when planning a redesign. “You must take into account all the uses of all the rooms, how you live in them and how these uses can be integrated.”

Tobias says, “We pride ourselves on working with clients to design a unique home space that reflects their personalities and needs. I am like the actor who absorbs herself into the character. I put myself into the mindset of each client.” Lisa and her associates use this technique to design homescapes that capture the true style of the homeowner. The outcome is a unique transformation of living space. No two projects are ever alike.

Tobias Design LLC strives to find custom ways to realize every clients’ dream. Make an appointment to see the wide range of options that are available.

Tobias Design, 48 West Broad Street, Hopewell. 609-466-1445.

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