Here’s something you can say about home design that you pretty much can’t say anywhere else: Life is getting simpler.

As the millennial generation becomes the new generation of homebuyers, the look and feel of the homes they want eschews the ornate and overdone in favor of a more West Coast clean vibe, says Lisa Tobias of Tobias Design. Simple colors, clean lines, thin and elegant countertops, and a splash of the rustic are all making for casual home environments that invite everyone to actually feel at home no matter what room they’re in.

Take kitchens, for example. Kitchens have always been the gathering spot for families and guests, and yet kitchens were always designed to be pretty functional. Traditionally, you had your stove, your fridge, maybe a table, and some counter space. The cabinets had moldings that usually looked like polished wood, and the whole feel of the room was one where food is prepared, only to be brought to another room to eat.

But kitchens have taken a dramatic turn toward becoming part of the home’s living space. Floating counters with tall stools are replacing the table; sitting areas provide welcome respites to read or hang out; fussy, old cabinetry is becoming clean and simple; and once-paneled and painted walls are embracing their inner natural exposed brick to add that rustic, homey feel.

Reclaimed materials in homes is also the hottest thing going. Living rooms full of simple, cheerful color and clean lines and simple, European furniture come alive with touches of reclaimed wood pieces, transformed pallet furnishings, and exposed, original brick walls or hardwood floors.

In short, homeowners and new buyers are embracing their personalities and those of the homes they want to spend time in. And they are embracing what the house itself has to offer underneath its tile floors and papered walls.

At Tobias design, we love this new approach to finding the personality of every home and fitting it into the personality of every homeowner. And we love the timeless elegance of clean, elemental designs that make any room as livable as you can get. After all, the home is meant to be lived in and enjoyed; to welcome guests and make family feel, well, at home.

We like to get a sense of your lifestyle and want to make sure your home has the inviting warmth we all want when we kick up our feet and relax ‒‒ and that finally includes the kitchen, too. Remember, they don’t call the kitchen the heartbeat of the home for nothing.

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