Stop and think about what happens when the family comes over for Thanksgiving or an anniversary party or a special event. Everybody congregates in the kitchen, right?

There’s a reason it’s the busiest room in the house. And there’s a reason it’s so disruptive to install a new kitchen, because the busiest place in the house is suddenly a place packed in boxes, waiting for things to settle down.

Fear not. Tobias Design is here to help, and to hold your hand while your dream kitchen comes to life. Owner Lisa Tobias and her staff understand how important it is to get your home back in order, and how great it feels when everything is in its best possible place. From kitchen redesigns to bathroom improvements, to upgrades on your home office, or wherever you have (or want) cabinetry, Tobias Design blends expert design with flawless functionality. That way, when you step into the completed room of your dreams, you’ll know that the beauty of your new room was crafted by experts who know that keeping the coffee, coffeemaker, mugs, and sugars in the same spot is a true godsend when the alarm clock goes off on Monday morning.

“All of that goes into our thought process,” Tobias says. “And we document that as we go.”

Tobias Design is not just a one-woman shop. The staff here follows one collective mission: To take a project-management approach to a kitchen or bathroom so that the process of upgrading is as pleasant as the final product. Ultimately, Tobias says, the goal is to design ergonomic, beautiful kitchens, baths, and other rooms that provide functional beauty, not inconvenient (even if gorgeous) form.

Tobias Design’s professionals offer customers a generous 10 hours of off-the-clock time to help them choose materials and finishes, from wood finishes and countertops to plumbing fixtures and paints, that will make everything just right once the job is finished. “All of these things together complete the story,” Tobias says.

Tobias Design also isn’t just about beautifying the house. Tobias and her staff have helped countless customers create in-law suites for parents who come to live with their children, downsize to more manageable (and in many cases luxurious) smaller spaces once the kids move out, and design spaces that cater to those aging in place or with special needs.

And the firm’s designs have caught a few favorable eyes, most notably the popular online home design site, Tobias Design recently won the site’s 2014 Best-In-House award for its stunning kitchen and bath designs ( ). Call Tobias Design at 609-466-1445 to see how Lisa and her staff can make your dream kitchen and bathroom a reality.

Tobias Design, 48 West Broad Street, Hopewell. 609-466-1445. See ad, page 20.

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