‘The collaborative process with my clients is the added dimension needed in designing and creating any space,’’ says Lisa Tobias, owner of Tobias Design LLC. “lt makes the final outcome — and just as important, the process — enjoyable, successful, and unique.”

“Social media has made collaboration easier,” Lisa says. She has found Houzz.com to be a great tool for working with new clients.

“Houzz.com is a multiple-use website for anything related to home design and decor,” says Lisa, who has received the Best of Houzz award for five straight years.

“When I started my business about 14 years ago, as a visual way to understand my clients’ taste, I would show them magazines, and have them dog-ear the pages they liked. It worked, but the process could be cumbersome and quickly outdated,” she says.

Lisa thinks of Houzz as an interactive magazine that simplifies product selection and identifies design styles for her clients. Customers can search the Houzz website by photos, departments, or professionals. They can filter their photo searches by product style, price, brand, or type of finish.

As a consumer, you can select products or photos you like and put them into a personal file called an Ideabook where you can write comments about the products and then electronically share that book with Tobias Design. “Based on your Ideabook, I get a good sense of what you like,” Lisa says.

Lisa has her own web page on the Houzz site where she posts photos of kitchens and other rooms she has designed for her clients. Potential customers often ask questions about specific aspects of the design. “It’s a great way for me to connect with clients,” she says. “It’s become a wonderful source of new business for me.”

When people find Tobias Design LLC on the Houzz website, they see the awards and badges Lisa has earned based on five-star ratings from her existing clients. “It’s a form of validation for my company,” Lisa says. “It gives the consumer confidence knowing that other people use my services and are very happy with the way I have designed their living space.”

Each of the badges Lisa has earned represents a particular aspect of her participation with Houzz:

“Houzz Influencer” honors Lisa for her highly valued professional knowledge and advice.

“1,000 Ideabook Saves” was awarded to Lisa because her photos were saved by consumers more than 1,000 times.

“Houzz Industry Research – Barometer” recognizes her input on industry business conditions (Q2, 2017).

“Recommended on Houzz” honors Tobias Design LLC as a company that is highly recommended by the community.

“Star Houzzer” was awarded to Lisa for posting a review on Houzz.

In addition to Houzz.com, Tobias Design LLC has an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest and includes links to Houzz from these pages. Cross referencing from one social media platform to another helps your company’s name appear high on search engine results, she says, adding that social media in general is a great platform to connect customers with professionals.

“Tobias Design brings as much to Houzz as Houzz brings to Tobias Design,” Lisa says. “The more that professionals provide services and products on the website, the more consumers interact with the site. It’s a wonderful, symbiotic relationship.”

Tobias Design LLC, 48 West Broad Street, Hopewell. 609-466-1445. info@tobiasdesignllc.com. www.tobiasdesignllc.com

Houzz web page: www.houzz.com/pro/kitchen-designer-nj/tobias-design-llc

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