There is no one quick fix to reduce the climbing of the global warming trend. Every angle has to be explored for actions that can be practically applied. You and I have the choice of either doing something positive or opting out of the responsibility by saying “What I do doesn’t matter”. To me, not making any effort, whatever the size, ultimately adds up to shirking any commitment to future generations for survival.

Okay: where can we start? At ground level!

• Stop using the unregulated leaf blowers that spew huge amounts of pollutants into the air

• Use a rake and benefit from the exercise

• Reduce grass lawns; instead create lovely gardens of native plants and trees, which support the essential pollinators (few pollinators means scarce food supplies), and require less maintenance and fertilization

• Introduce healthy lawn care without pesticides and herbicides that pollute our water, destroy soil life, and are detrimental to human and animal health

• Mow grass to 3-inch height, which requires less water and shades out weeds

• Plant trees properly and use native species

• Remove root ball covering and fill hole perimeter with compost for easy root development. Continued watering is needed until well established

• Change your eating habits: reduce use of packaged food and industrial farm produced food. Use local/fresh and organically raised choices as much as possible

These are just a few attainable actions that can be adopted by you, me, and on and on, building the foundation for a step-by-step growing impact.

So, I say, let’s all take a look around us and ask: “What else can I learn to change to be a better citizen and contribute to the health of our planet?”

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Judith K. Robinson


The writer leads workshops including “Soil to Table: Food as Health”; “Native Plant Landscape Design”; and “Grow Your Own Organic Food” and is co-founder of the Princeton Farmers’ Market. She is chair of the West Central Jersey Chapter of the Native Plant Society of NJ.

Bald eagles and our country are in danger. Our land, water, air, and all natural life are being assaulted in ways not seen in generations. Rules on the release of pollutants are being relaxed. Climate change is not just being ignored but will be worsened by government support of the use and extraction of fossil fuels. Lands set aside to create natural sanctuaries are threatened by exploitation and commercial development. Dangerous pesticides are being approved without sufficient review.

Worst of all for bald eagles (and other eaters of carrion), the use of lead shot has been recently approved for use on federal game lands; it leads to destruction of the nervous system and the ugliest death imaginable.

No matter your politics, if you love America (not just as an abstract concept but as a real place, full of magnificence and beauty) speak up and act in her defense.

It might seem a miracle that bald eagles now breed in a place like the city of Lambertville, but if so it was a miracle enabled by the hard work of concerned Americans with the support of a functioning EPA (created in 1972 by Richard Nixon). But, if you can’t bring yourself to care about America’s bald eagles, care about her children, whose future is threatened as well.

Mike Mann


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