Thanks for the great article about seeing some of the outside world without leaving New Jersey. We are actually very fortunate to have all created such a diverse state.

I wanted to also recommend for the future another nice place where it’s possible to see a little bit of another country — Ukraine.

St. Andrew’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church, at 280 Main Street in South Bound Brook, is a really beautiful building inside and out. Next to it is also a gorgeous old cemetery with many beautifully carved artistic gravestones. For a little bit of history of Ukraine and Eastern Europe as you walk around the cemetery you may find graves with inscriptions for people who are not there — they either died in Siberia or of the artificially instituted starvation in the 1930s. A great piece of history, in my opinion.

Please explore this little gem as well and I hope you will find it interesting enough to add to your list of things to see without leaving New Jersey.

— Roman Makukha

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